We’ve all been there before, you have been working hard all day with the intention of getting pumped for your workout but all you want to b-line it home and onto the couch. You’re human so procrastinating is likely in your nature, but missing that one workout could change your week completely.

Let’s first acknowledge that exercise controls your weight, combats health conditions, improves your mood and sleep quality as well as boosts your overall energy. Now if those benefits don’t motivate you enough here are a couple other strategies on how to get pumped for a workout:


If music doesn’t get you pumped then you may just be listening to the wrong genre. A little trick is to search what workout songs are trending and create a new mix from the search. There is nothing more powerful then putting those headphones on, charging into the gym rocked and ready to get your workout on.

Revisit your goals

Remember that high school reunion or wedding you were going to get in shape for? Well those have since passed but your desire to trim up those thighs or lose those extra 5lbs has not. Write down what your fitness/health goals are and take a hard long look at them – if you haven’t reached them then hop in that car and head to the gym cause the 5lbs aren’t going to work off themselves.

Create a reward

Whether it’s a favorite meal, a shopping spree or just a day of relaxing create a reward for yourself for getting a workout in. This approach is a no-fail, you earn the reward from doing the workout – think of the calories you can burn thinking about what’s at the end!

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Find a workout partner

Text, call or email a friend or family member and invite them to join you in your workout. This will not only hold you accountable but we often work harder when in the presence of someone else.

Take a class

Let’s talk about power in numbers – all you have to do is show up and the instructor will tell you what to do along with an entire class to motivate you. No matter what your preference whether it’s Spin, Jazzercise, Strength Training, Yoga there is a class available for you at an ideal time. The beauty of it is that it allows you to try something new, motivates you and who knows could become part of your normal routine.

We all get into workout ruts, it’s like with anything else in our lives it needs some revitalization from time to time. The key to finding motivation for your workout after a long day is to make it something you enjoy and if necessary find someone you enjoy spending the time with.

Quite often classes become a community, gyms become a community – a social event that will improve your health will uplift your life and create healthy habits.

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