Believe it or not how to get fit fast does not just come down to exercise. Follow these 8 steps to getting fit fast.

1. You have to plan this stuff and set goals

I’m sorry to tell you but it won’t happen over night if you don’t plan anything. You need to have your nutrition mapped out and your workouts. Other wise you’re second guessing and not monitoring what you’re doing.


You have to be able to track what your doing to see improvements for the gains your after. Set yourself goals, and this needs to be done daily, weekly and monthly. Make them specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and give yourself a time frame.

2. Food prep

Following on from step 1, If you want to see your fitness and life goals and results speed up your food has to be planned out. If you think you can get fit and healthy eating take outs and on the go lunches think again. Your nutrition is key to getting fit fast.

Plan your meals out. Buy your groceries and food prep for the week ahead. This means at least 5 meals a day, to included breakfast lunch and dinner and 2 snacks in between and a pre or post workout meal.

You do not need to be a boss in the kitchen make it fun and this will cut out so much time in the week for you. This means you can spend more time training and sleeping.

3. Adding to the food thing, one of the best and quickest ways to see results is to cut out the sweet salty and processed foods.

These foods offer the least nutritional value and are not helping you to get fit at all. Avoid them at all costs. If you need to you can have a treat once a week but this has to be limited. And choose wisely. These are sabotaging your attempts to get results fast.

4. Hydration is key to body function.

90% of people are dehydrated, this stops your body functioning and regulating as good as it can and should. 70% of the body is water, water is used in every cellular function of the body.

It cushions all your body joints. And you most probably need to drink more. Ideally you need between 2.2 and 3 liters a day according to the Maya clinic. So put down that coffee and drink the really good stuff.

5. Sleep

how to get fit fast_2

Sleep is so important. More important than your exercise. If you’re working out to see fast gains then you need to be sleeping. Muscle recovery happens when you’re sleeping.

So if your working out you need some good down time. Ideally 6-8 hours a night. If you can be in bed by 10:30, you want to try and work with your circadian cycle.

Try to avoid any stimulation before bed, so no TV, computers or bright lights. Let the body relax and wind down for the best and quickest gains.

6. Now to the workout.

For the best results and quickest you need to lift. This doesn’t mean that girls you’re going get huge, most guys don’t ever get huge but you will see fantastic gains. It boosts your metabolism for longer than any cardio workout. Its increases your muscle % and reduces your fat % meaning bigger results and quicker.

7. For quick results stop doing isolation exercises.

Start looking for exercises that hit more than one muscle group. Don’t spend hours sitting on gym machines. Get the free weights out or simply use your body weight. There are so many exercises that hit more than one muscle group and the results are fantastic.

Try these exercises to start. Squat press, walking lunges with bicep curls, deadlift to bent row. Squat to upright row. Think big, the more muscles you can work the more results you’ll see.

8. Try new things, stop doing the same thing.

If it has not worked yet chances are you’re not going to see any results from trying it again. Try different workout routines, try heavy lifting, try TABATA, or HIIT training, try some martial arts classes do something different and switch it up.

And if you’re still stuck and not seeing results ask the experts. There are plenty of qualified and good trainers all over the word. So start today.

No more excuses.

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