We all know how easy it is to stick into work routine where we’re all too busy to get out and do some exercises.

No surprise that Great Britain is not far behind the Americans in leading the most obese people in the country.

Not anymore and I can provide you with some tips how to change your non-active lifestyle at no exorbitant cost!


1. Start walking to work rather than taking a car or a bus.

Nowadays, it’s relatively „in“and safe to cycle on the road. And if you happen to see a man with white hair and no helmet don’t get distracted. Its only Boris Johnson who you can thank for the new trend of cycling in the city.

2. If you sit in the office all day, reward yourself with breaks every two hours.

And so you don’t forget, set yourself an alarm on your watch. Regular breaks to the toilet, or visiting your colleague on the higher or a lower friend will get your heart rate up and may even help you to burn some calories.

If you don’t have a reason to walk upstairs or downstairs, make some new friends and create yourself a reason. It’s a win-win situation.

How to exercise while sitting2

3. Now it’s time to invest £5-£10 into equipment.

Resistance band

It’s light so you can put in any handbag/briefcase and most certainly cheaper than your lunch that 70% of us tend to buy. So do something for your health and start today!

For examples of exercises that you can do with it – use YouTube.

4. Train your core while you’re sitting

I know it may sound silly but it works.

Sit with your back straight – deep breath in and as you breathe out pull your tummy in & out.

Repeat it 15x – 20x and do at least 3 sets during your work shift (in the morning when you get to work / in the afternoon after your  toilet break / in the evening before leaving the office).

5. Use your chair to get rid off “bingo wings”

Summer is kicking in and your arms will be the minimum you will have to show due to short leaves and no jackets (even in London).

Put your hands on the edge of the chair – bend your legs and keep them in 90% – slowly but surely lower yourself as low as you can and come back up.

You should feel your triceps are doing more work than during the typing.

6. Tone up your legs

It’s easy and you don’t even have to stand up from your chair. Keep your back straight – lift your legs up & down and during every movement tighten your tights as hard as you can – after doing 10x – 15x repetitions hold your legs up and bring them to the side & back whilst still holding your tights as hard as you can.

Perform at least 3 sets.

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