How many of these characters can be found lurking amongst the dumbbells and stability balls in your gym? Recognise the tell-tale signs and you’ll avoid falling into their clutches! As with all professions there are good PTs and bad PTs, sorting the wheat from the chaff can be a difficult and confusing process. A good first step though is learning to spot some of the classic gym miscreants and then avoiding them like the plague.

If you’re a PT and fall into one of the descriptions below, shame on you, you’re giving the profession a bad name and you need to sort yourself out.

*In it for the notches on the bedpost:

Easy to recognise by the overly tight t-shirt, perfectly groomed appearance, constant glances at the mirror and unashamed flirting with any nubile young gym bunny. Workouts will often include some very ‘hands on’ stretching — watch out in case he gets distracted whilst spotting you by some new lovely catching his eye.

*Clipboard Jockey:

It’s important for a PT to keep notes on their clients but not continuously, not at the expense of normal human communication and definitely not when you’re struggling under a barbell. Insist they lose the clipboard and they’ll squirm and fidget not knowing what to do with them self. Stand firm though, you’ll be making them a better trainer.

*The Wannabe Celebrity Personal Trainer:

will often share the appearance of our first character, but will project an air of aloofness and clad themselves in Dolce and Gabbana gym kit. Rather than the quality of the workouts the Z-list quotient in their client list is what matters to them. But, just because some fledgling pop princess has trained with them, it doesn’t make them any good. You can also guarantee they’ll drop you like a stone if the third place runner-up on Big Brother wants a slot.

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*The Evangelical:

Often starting out as a well-balanced trainer the Evangelical returns from a course a changed person. Totally brainwashed they now believe with an almost religious zeal that this new method of training is the only way to achieve results.

A slightly glazed expression, loss of sense of humour and complete training plan overhauls are the common warning signs.Acolytes of a certain current training philosophy, who like to be known as ‘practitioners’ (worse still gurus), can be an example of this type of trainer and are often Moonie like in their devotion to ‘their leader’.

*The Badge Collector:

Bright eyed and wildly enthusiastic the Badge Collector buys into every fitness craze going. Present at every Fitness Industry conference, a member or every governing body and serial attendee of all the latest courses. Jumps from one bandwagon to another and will display the same zeal as the Evangelical before moving onto the next craze. You’ll find yourself pole dancing one week and hula-hooping the next.

*The Old Dog:

1970’s polyester track-suit and a slightly world weary expression are the marks of the Old Dog. Often an exbodybuilder or sportsman they’ve been training for decades and want to pass on the benefits of their years of experience. No matter what your goals or body type are, you’ll get the same workouts as they’ve been doing themselves for years; “it’s worked for me……..”


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