The amount of weight you lift should be based on the goal(s) that you have.  Lifting too little is a waste of time (in my opinion) and lifting too much could hurt, especially if you do not have a spotter.

Are you focusing on speed, reps, muscle burn or showing off?

I love to lift as heavy as I can because it’s fun and a challenge each session.  Warm up, stay hydrated and put the weight back to the rack it is supposed to be on.


Lite weight:

Lifting liter allows you to perform more and hopefully better repetitions (with good form).  10 or more repetitions with good form for a leaner, liter, less bulky physique especially if there is balance work involved.   You can move faster if that is your goal.  Liter weight means something different for each person.  My lite weight is may not be yours.  Regardless of the amount of weight do it right with good form and at a pace that you can control.  Other than learning how to do the exercise(s) you are less likely to need a spotter here.

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Moderate weight:

Enough weight that you are not able to move fast or do 15 or more repetitions.  You can do bodyweight workouts and add a weight vest or weight on a weight belts.  More likely to need a spotter especially if you are repping out to failure.  More for bodybuilding and putting on mass.

Heavy weight:

Bid daddy!!  More sets/weight and less repetitions.  5-8 sets of 1-4 repetitions.  For us heavy weight lovers and/or power bodybuilding.  Difficult to do more reps with heavier weight and can cause injury.  Much more likely to need a spotter.  A spotter should be someone who knows the movements of the exercises you are doing and how to properly help keep you from dropping the weight on yourself.  Your arm or leg could give out due to soreness, weakness or imbalance.

Read my previous article for some awesome equipment suggestions for when you are at home.

Invest in a spotter if you are not sure or going until failure.  We are able to do more on a machine compared to free weights.  I recommend free weights for everyone unless you have little range of motion, not sure how to use free weights or training heavy and on your own.  Free weights better prepares us for daily living outside of the gym or where ever it is that you do your workouts.

Stretch after each workout and enjoy the progress week to week.

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Let’s feel and look great everyday starting with today.  Don’t stop.

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