How much water should i consume during exercise? The real question you should be asking is how much water you should be drinking before your workout.

But why before the workout?

What’s the stitch?

Well if you consume too much water during exercise you get what’s called a ‘Stitch’ and this can be seriously uncomfortable.

This is because when you drink, your stomach directs blood to transport fluids, however our muscles need it at the same time to power the training, creating a kind of tug-of-war between our muscles and transportation of fluids – the outcome of which is a stitch.

Hydrate before your workout

You should make sure you are hydrated before your workout and if the workout takes longer than an hour, in that case, you should take small sips throughout.

Make hydrating before working out part of your workout ritual along with stretching.

Another question you should be thinking about is how much water are you consuming at all? And what is the quality and amount you are consuming on a regular basis.

Use this Hydration Calculator that will tell you exactly the amount you should be consuming on a daily basis.

how much water should i consume during exercise_2What’s the story?

Okay, you may be thinking, that’s all well and good but why should I listen to you, who are you? What’s your story?

I am a Stroke Survivor Coach. I help stroke survivor’s increase their mobility and increase their confidence.

One of the things I promote is how to keep well hydrated. Because we all know the amazing benefits of what hydration can do to you right. Plus keeping properly hydrated – when I say properly, I mean with water and not coffee etc. Coffee actually has a de-hydrating effect on the body so is pretty counteractive when you’re trying to stay hydrated. Quality hydration is essential for a stroke survivor’s recovery.

Keeping properly hydrated should be a priority at all times even when not exercising, it’ll keep you healthy, your skin radiant, stop sluggishness and curb your appetite.

Training and hydrating

Also my exercise background is boxing. I am an amateur boxer by trade and one of things we are told is to keep well hydrated before we train and fight.

Why before? Well when for instance we are sparring and we get hit in the stomach it will cause us to vomit if we are consuming too much water during the training if not at all. We do consume but only by very small sips and sipping and spitting it out.

Large amounts of water during exercise can slow you down especially if you are a runner who is learning to run. Its only when we finish that specific type of exercise we consume lots of water to re hydrate.

Steer clear of tap water

One important thing to remember is to stay well clear of tap water.


Tap water contains chlorine, fluoride and tap water is one of the leading causes of kidney stones.

Best stick with bottled and filtered water, it tastes better too!

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