Yesterday WatchFit Expert Keith Chittenden introduced us to the the process of identifying and selecting the best Personal Trainer for you. Here he continues with his key points…

Step 3: Choose the proper Fitness Professional for you
It is important that you choose the right trainer that you feel comfortable with, trust, and will help you achieve your goals.


At the end of the day; it is about your results that is the most important factor (what you have spent your money on!). Many new clients will seek to hire a personal trainer that is a female or a male trainer or may be familiar with the body type of a famous celebrity. These may be concerns that you may think are important.

However, when it comes to fitness goals; the trainer that helps you achieve these goals safely and effectively is most likely the right fit for you!

When searching for a good and competent fitness professional it is important that you do not dismiss a good trainer based on solely their gender or if they follow the celebrity trends of the movie, television or fashion industry.

A good fitness professional should be able to accurately assess your goals, concerns, current health status, fears and challenges.

If the fitness professional with a solid and appropriate education, training experience, expertise and knowledge can focus on your goals and has a good plan on how to achieve them; then this may be the person you are looking for. Sometimes a diamond may be buried very deeply in the rough; so physical appearance, different cultural background, gender and fashion interests should not be grounds to look for someone else.

The key to your salvation in conquering your goals may be sitting right in front of you. However, you might want to avoid some categorized personal trainers listed here!

Step 4: When it comes to fitness: Looks Do Matter!

When growing up, most people are taught: “never judge a book by its cover”. Unfortunately, in the fitness industry this is an exception to that rule. Most fitness professionals that are passionate for what they do, will practice what they preach. Many fitness professionals will have physical hobbies which may include: biking, running, swimming, weight lifting, Cross-fit, playing sports, hiking, mountain climbing, skiing, tennis, golf, water polo etc...

Proper nutrition and good eating habits are part of having a healthy lifestyle. Most fitness professionals understand and practice these principles. It is very difficult to take a professional seriously when they are trying to coach a client on proper exercising and nutrition when they do not look the part or practice those essential principles.

Although this step may be obvious, it is important to mention when you are choosing a fitness professional to help you with your goals, make sure you choose one that does not have a larger waist circumference than your own!

hiring a fitness professional_4

Step 5: Interview your Fitness Professional

As you meet your potential personal trainer, he or she will try to get to know you. Typically, a fitness professional will ask a client to fill out a health history form which outlines any previous or current health conditions that you may have or had in the past (heart or pulmonary conditions, kidney disease, metabolic conditions such as diabetes, integumentary, orthopaedic issues etc…).They may also ask you about previous or current exercise habits, if you are involved in sports or physical activities done on a daily basis.

This is also a good time to ask your potential trainer some questions about their background. Ask about their degree, certifications, specializations they have which could help you in achieving your goals.

Ask questions!

Ask about their experience in working with clients that had or have the same or similar goals that you have. Ask if the fitness professionals can share client stories of success or if they have any written testimonials summarising the client’s experiences with the trainer.

An experienced trainer usually can provide the client a book of their accomplishments. This book (i.e binder) usually includes copies of all their certifications, copy of their degree, client testimonials (usually more than three), awards or events that they have participated in.

Another reasonable request is if you can arrange to observe the trainer working with a current client. This will help you determine if the trainer can adapt to your level of fitness and see how he or she works with another client.

To summarize, You can choose a proper, competent fitness professional for your health and fitness goal by following these 5 convenient steps.

You may revisit the steps here –

Step 3: Choose the proper Fitness Professional for you

Step 4: When it comes to Fitness: Looks Do Matter!

Step 5: Interview your Fitness Professional

Come back tomorrow for more guidance in part 3!

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