Should I Hire a Personal Trainer?

Personal trainers are popping up all over the place. Time was, not too long ago, when you met a PT, it was an unusual and interesting occurrence. Now it is surprising if you go for a while without meeting one. It’s like someone planted a bunch of seeds and now they’re sprouting uncontrollably!

But this is good. Personal Training is a booming industry, largely in part to the public wanting to be healthier and wanting to look and feel better. Toss in what is looking like a looming obesity epidemic, and you should see a further rise in the number of trainers entering the industry.


But should you hire one?

Maybe you are sitting there, reading this and are mulling over the idea of hiring a PT. Is it something you think is a luxury only for the ‘well off’ or do you just have a stereotypical image of some muscle bound guy or super fit girl. Or maybe just an image of Brad Pitt from Burn After Reading

To quell those thoughts, most trainers are highly knowledgeable about programming, bio mechanics, safety, anatomy, etc. and I believe hiring a personal trainer would be a great idea and well worth the investment. And I’m not just saying that because I’ve been a trainer for almost a decade.

It is my belief that a good personal trainer equates to a teacher. However instead of teaching math or science, a trainer teaches movement skills, physical literacy and culture. But it comes down to a few factors as to whether or not you actually should follow through with it.

Do You Have Trouble With Accountability?

If you answered “yes” then hiring a trainer may be a good idea for you. Getting in better shape requires a good deal of discipline and consistency. If you’re not consistent, then you’re not likely to see results. If you have trouble sticking to an exercise program, it might be worth it to get a trainer that will help hold you accountable not only with the exercise part of your program, but also keep tabs on the nutritional aspect that goes with it.

Do You Need a Plan or a Program?

One of the struggles people face when they go to the gym is they have zero clue as to where to start. Should they start with some cardio, should they lift, what exercises should they do, how much weight, how many reps, how many sets and the list goes on and on. What ends up happening is a complete paralysis due to an overload of things to consider. If this sounds like you, a trainer may be right for you.

What a good fitness professional will do is create a program that is designed for you, your movement patterns, your strengths & weaknesses and most importantly your goals. With a trainer who will have your program in hand, you’ll never have to wonder “what am I going to do at the gym today?”

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Do You Have Trouble With Technique?

You’ve probably heard things like “squats are bad for your knees,” or “deadlifting will hurt your back,” but the truth is, when done correctly, those exercises can produce amazing results. Hiring a trainer can help clean up any movement pattern issues you may have.

If you are already going to the gym and lifting, how can you be so sure you are :

1) doing the exercise correctly

2) engaging the correct muscles associated with that exercise.

You may, you may not.  The point is, having a trainer there to guide you can help you with form and technique to maximize your time in the gym.

Do You Have Anything That Requires Special Consideration?

A trainer will be a great idea especially if you’re getting back into exercise after having an injury. There are many trainers that specialize in helping people get back into exercise after seeing a physical therapist for an injury. Additionally, those with chronic conditions such as arthritis may benefit from seeing a trainer who has experience with clients whose issues and considerations closely relate to your own.

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