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Kettlebells haave really come to the fore in recent years. They actually date back decades and are generally traced to Russian athletic training during early Cold War years. But they have definitely emerged from those dark days to be a shining light in modern training protocols.

Changing up your workout

Adding kettlebells to your programs is a great way to burn calories, power up and kick star metabolism into overdrive.

Using kettlebells will improve strength and conditioning, its unique center mass is unlike dumbbells which give this cast iron weight its ability for ballistic training and therefore perfect for HIIT.

HIIT kettlebell workout

The following mini HIIT can be incorporated during, after or as a standalone workout. A 20 minute workout with KB can be the equivalent of an hour or regular weights… Feel the afterburn!

Please note

KB are not meant for beginners and this workout can be done as a progression with supervision or, if experienced, maybe a warm up. Please use an open and cleared space in case the Kettlebell escapes your hand.

Try 10 x 10 of each exercise.

KB swings

One arm through and catch for advanced use caution – beginner/intermediate level.

– Both feet on the floor.

Squat with control.

– Explode up using your gluteus, hamstrings, and back to push KB in motion.

KB plank with a row

Intermediate/advanced level.

– Have a good wide base for control, more narrow your body the more difficult.

– With one hand on KB row while maintaining straight body.

– Variation can be done as a bent over row on a bench.

– Switch arms.

KB Turkish get up

Intermediate/advanced level.

hiit kettlebell workout_4

hiit kettlebell workout_5

hiit kettlebell workout_6

hiit kettlebell workout_7– Turn over from plank position to back.

– With KB in one hand raise arm. Make sure the weight is stacked and you have control of KB and GH joint is stable.

– Do a sit up.

– Ipsilateral leg as arm that hold KB will flex as you get into a lunge.

– Maintaining form keeping KB, arm stacked with GH joint, rise.

– Slowly and controlled return to lying position.

– Now switch arms.

KB around the world

Intermediate/advanced level (please be cautious of your surroundings).

Hula-hoop motion. This exercise uses abs and momentum as well as arms.

– Shift weight side to side when KB is in motion use a hula hoop hip action to stimulate momentum and bring KB into motion.

– Alternate hands while swing KB around body.

– Do 20 each direction.

Tip – do a squat to stop momentum as you would on a trampoline. 

KB lunge with a press

Beginner/advanced level.

– Take KB in a rack hold

– Lunge out and press KB into air

– Return to rack hold position ad repeat

– Switch arms

Although KB are not for beginners it isn’t to say that beginners can’t learn.

I recommend working with someone for a few sessions just to get form and grips down, even though the internet can be an effective tool maintaining proper form and being strict with your workout will guarantee success and injury free. Hope you enjoy.

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