HIIT- stands for High Intensity Interval Training and it is a popular way to burn fat within a short amount of time because of the intensity and pace.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, who wants to be in the gym and do hours and hours of cardio every day if you don’t have to. Lord knows I definitely don’t want to do that.!

Most people want to get into the gym and get out right away. A lot of fitness enthusiasts are trying to figure out a way we can be efficient and maximise our time but still get a quality workout.


The premise of HIIT Training is to train at 80 to 90% of your maximum heart rate for 5 seconds to 8 minutes and then coming back down to a recovery period of 40% of your maximum heart rate. Your recovery period can be up to 30 seconds. You actually have to be in pretty good cardiovascular shape to be able to do a HIIT workout regularly.

These are the individuals to whom I would NOT advise doing a HIIT workout:

If you are coming from a living a sedentary lifestyle – meaning you don’t work-out. If  you are not physically active and most of your day is you sitting on the chair. If you are this person then you are not fit enough to do a HIIT workout yet. You need to establish some form of fitness foundation before heightening the intensity. That is not to say that you can’t do a HIIT workout once you have gotten yourself in better shape.

If you are someone who is obese or overweight then a HIIT workout is not for you because you need to get in better shape to be able to actually attempt to do a HIIT workout.  As a fitness expert I would never have an obese or severely overweight person do a HIIT workout until they have dropped a reasonable amount of weight to be able to do that type of workout.

high intensity interval training workout_2

If you are older than 65  a HIIT workout maybe too hard on your joints because of the intensity and lower to moderate levels of cardio maybe ideal for you when it comes to weight loss.

If you have a serious heart condition then any high intensity exercise would not be advisable, that is why it is so important that if you have any major heart related issues to talk to your doctor so they can medically clear you to do any form of exercise.

High intensity interval training is one of the most popular methods of training in the fitness industry because of being able to do a workout in 30 minutes or less and the intensity of the workout.

A lot of people feel that HIIT workouts are more fun because it’s not slow and monotonous and it changes because of the high to low intervals. But the reality is you can still attain your fitness goals doing a workout that is not a HIIT workout and is much slower paced.

So with that being said HIIT workouts aren’t for everybody and it is important to train within your physical limitations.

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