Meditating, after gathering different information, helps me to see things clearly. My continued education, studies, research and my life experiences have given a great many answers to my struggles.

One of the things that I noticed is that many of us want to see prompt results in numerous areas of our life but without investing the required time effort and dedication to make them happen. We engage in buying lottery tickets to have money, in surgical procedure to have an attractive body, in buying pesticides to grow food faster, etc…


The reality is that none of these results are real

Simply because we have bad habits and soon enough we will suffer and pay the consequences of our easy way of getting to our goal.

Some of us have the tendency to think that we are successful because of the end result, yet this might be little more than an illusion. The real success of having money, an attractive body, whole foods, etc, is the time, dedication, effort and passion we invested to get to the end results.

Work on a healthier lifestyle

Same way we have the tendency to think about the weight loss approach. We concentrate so much in losing weight that we stop focusing on the real matter. Dieting, pills, surgeries, hormones and others are easy ways to lose weight.

The real matter is that, as explained above, we are going to regain the lost weight. What will help us to lose weight and keep it off forever is the process of changing our lifestyle to a healthier one.

Once we understand this, we can measure success on a variety of levels.

Here are some areas that we can focus on changing:

– Exercise at least 3 times a week.
– Eat breakfast.
– Lower you meat intake.
– Increase vegetables and fruits consumption.
– Eat real food (organic). Don’t eat GMOs.
– Think why are you are eating and eat in response to hunger (and just once in a while, for the taste of it. Why not?!)
Limit alcohol beverage to, I won’t say to zero, but do the best you can.
– Don’t over eat, but satisfy your hunger.
– Increase your muscle mass.
– Drink lots of water and avoid all added sugar or any sweetness, including aspartame, drinks. The body only needs water as liquid nutrient.
– Smile and enjoy life!

The way to succeed

healthy lifestyle changes_2These will definitely help you reach your goal. However, the more suggestions you work on, the more results you will see. And this is success.

When we start working on our habits and do the best we can to change them to better ones then the results follow…

Then the numbers on the scales will decrease and you will no longer be getting frustrated about lack of results. What good does it do if we restrict and eliminate our negative habits if we only go back to them later on?

The process is what matters and we should enjoy it!  As far as we know for sure – we only have one life. It is the most precious thing we have. Therefore we need to live it with dignity and giving the best of ourselves at all times.

Make sure you enjoy your meal, masticate it and take your time tasting foods. Exercise in a place that you like, walk, run, hike, weight lift. Do these things in environments that you enjoy. Weight loss is a process not a regimen. Once again – enjoy it!

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