Health benefits of jumping rope have made it a popular choice among fitness enthusiasts.  Its an interesting change of pace for your workout, and just a small amount of regular jumping rope cardio training can greatly improve health. Cardio training plays a vital role in human health and performance. With regular cardio training, one can expect numerous metabolic changes.

Jumping Rope has many benefits:

Increased cardiac output

Increased oxygen uptake
Increased blood flow to active muscles
Decreased sub-maximal respiratory rate
Increased blood volume
Improved thermoregulation
Increased mitochondrial size and density
Increased oxidative enzyme concentrations
Increased capillarization in muscle bed
Lower rate of all-cause mortality
Lower rate of cardiovascular disease
Lower incidence of type 2 diabetes
Lower rate of total body fat
Lower rate of colon cancer
Lower rate of breast cancer
Lower rate of osteoporosis

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To start off, here are a few factors to keep in mind while beginning this new routine:

Size of  jump rope: The proper jump rope for you depends upon your height. Take the handle of the jump rope in each hand and stand on the center of the rope with your feet side-by-side. The tips of the handles that do not have the rope attached should be facing toward the ceiling. The tips of the handles should reach your under arms.

Shoes selection: Shoes should fit snugly and provide proper arch support in order to reduce the risk of injury to your ankles and arches.

Body posture: During  jumping rope, maintain proper upright posture. Do not lean forward or backward, it is essential to distribute your body weight properly.

Speed and height:  Jump at a speed that is comfortable. Beginners may have to start at a slow to moderate pace. Progress from low to moderate then fast.  To avoid injury, only do this when fully comfortable with the mechanics of rope jumping. Be careful not to jump so high that you cause a harsh impact to your ankles or knees when you land back on the floor.

According to Harvard Health Publications, to burn fat, you need to burn calories. A 60 minute exercise routine burns up to 744 calories by Jumping rope, while running at 5mph burns 596 calories. Take the fun way out and be fitter, faster . Ready to get started?  Check out this jumping rope to get lean plan

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