The summer and bikini time is ending however for us, women, it’s always essential to keep our legs in the perfect shape. By the end of the day, we have a little black dress parties knocking on our door in the next 3 moths

So what should you know about your hamstring???

– Hamstrings muscles are comprised of four different muscles

– These muscles are at the back of your thigh below your glutes, cross the hip and knee joint.
– They are in charge of four actions – knee flexion, hip extension and hyper extension and furthermore transferring power between the hip and knee joints.
– The best way how to work your hamstrings is performing functional exercises that include working your legs and glutes.
– One of the many reasons that could lead to hamstrings injuries is having the muscles in front of your leg (quadriceps) much stronger than the opposite muscles (hamstrings) in the back of your leg.

3 Best Exercises For Your Sexy Strong And Firm Hamstrings


– Excellent way how to warm up your hamstrings since you’re using your own body weight, plus you get to work your core and glutes at the same time! It’s a win win situation.
– Ideally stick with minimum 3 sets of 15 repetitions and when you feel that it’s getting too easy, hold one leg in the air and perform the leg curl on a swiss ball with the other leg.

– Lie on your back and keep the swiss ball under your heels with your legs straight and abdominals tucked in.
– Slowly raise your upper body with your glutes to the same level as your swiss ball
– Roll the swiss ball in towards your glutes and keep your heels, hips and shoulders in one alignment.
– Still keep focusing on engaging your glutes and core whilst giving your hamstring a proper workout.

hamstring exercises for women2


– For many people with tight hamstrings this is the best exercise to help your correct the leg muscles imbalance which could also lead to posture problems.
– Your technique is crucial so pay attention to your form and get it right!!
– There are many ways of how to perform ‘deadlift’: legs slightly bend, legs straight and legs further apart.
– To make it more challenging, you can either load up your barbell with heavier weights or try this exercise with one leg bent.

– Start with your legs about hips width apart.
Keep your back straight, your shoulders stabilized and pinch at the back of your back and keep your abdominals tucked in (imagine you want to draw your belly button towards your spine;-)
– Slowly and under control roll the barbell down towards your knees and up to the point you feel the stretch in your hamstrings.
– Keep your head in line with your spine and do not look down on your toes!
– Hold the position for a second and slowly roll the barbell back into the original position focusing on your hamstrings, glutes and core muscles.
– Once you are in a standing position, squeeze your glutes and abdominals in and lean slightly back.


– One of the advantages for this exercise is that you not only work your hamstrings, but you again work your glutes.
– You can perform this exercise without or without any equipment.
– To challenge yourself more with this exercise, try to perform the movement while standing on an unstable surface such as a pillow, bosu or even closing your eyes will make this exercise a great challenge.

– Stand straight and keep one leg up like you want to kick back while the standing leg is slightly bend to help you with your balance.
– Kick with your leg back and make sure you keep your hips in an alignment and make sure you are not twisting sideways.
– Kick as high as your body lets you without over arching your back.
– Perform at least 3 sets and 15-20 repetitions on each leg. 

For more information about how to train effectively and get the desired result don’t hesitate to get in touch with me and comment below!

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