A recent survey conducted by Multipower Sportsfood reveals where the nation’s eyes are first drawn to in the gym and it’s not the squat rack or vibration trainers!

Men focus first on fellow men’s backs and eyes head straight for women’s bottoms! Women compare abs on women first and also look straight at a man’s back!

The survey questioned a cross-section of the nation about their gaze in a health and fitness environment by looking at images of male and female models working out.


With the nation’s gyms bursting at the seams (hopefully!) after the traditional New Year fitness push, the Multipower survey can confirm that male gym goers should spend special attention training their back and female gym bunnies should focus on their abs.

If they are looking to impress their peers in the gym that is (at the end of this article you’ll find a suitably relevant workout for men – look out for one for women in a subsequent issue).

The survey questioned a cross-section of UK gym-goers about their gaze in a health and fitness environment by looking at images of male and female models working out. It emerged the man’s back came out as the most popular body area with fellow men, in fact 38% of male participants admitted their eyes were drawn to the male models back first.

The majority of women gym goers eyes however, were first drawn to abs on the female model (34%). For those gym goers trying to appeal to members of the opposite sex the survey reveals over a third of female gym goers are first attracted to a man’s back (35%), while nearly two thirds of all men focus on the bottoms of women working out (60%).

Surprisingly only 8% of the nation’s women eyed the backside of the male model first, placing it behind the back (35%), abs (29%) and biceps (13%). British males are also clearly not ‘leg men’, the female bottom (60%), abs (20%) and back (5%) were more likely to be viewed first before the legs (4%).

So with the voyeuristic ‘facts’ now established, here’s a workout for you guys who will now feel the burning gaze of female gym-goers on your back! It’ll give you width, shape, definition and balance.

Surprisingly only 8% of the nation’s women eyed the backside of the male model first, placing it behind the back (35%), abs (29%) and biceps (13%).

Workout Protocol

We’re after muscle growth and athleticism and leanness, so we’ve selected a decreasing medium to heavy weight pyramid training system for the relevant exercises. This will target all your muscle fibres. Take as much recovery as needed so that you can complete the workout strongly. Select 3-4 of the 6 exercises to perform during your workouts and complete two back workouts a week (varying the exercises).

Maintain your legand core work on other days (or as part of these sessions). We recommend that for four to six weeks you reduce (or even neglect) your chest training.

Doing this will enable you to fully focus on your back training and development and perhaps undo some of the muscle shortening and rounding which can result from over emphasising your front muscles – the result of two much chest and biceps work. Do this and this workout will shape the back you and women will admire and improve your posture.

Perform the decreasing back workout pyramid as follows:

12, 8, 8, 4 reps

The weight should get increasingly heavy so that by the set of 4 reps, you are struggling  to complete the last rep with good form. For pull-ups perform 3 x 8-10 reps – depending on your fitness level and then a fourth set to exhaustion. Make this your last exercise.


Bending your knees, pivot at the hips whilst keeping your back straight, bend down and grip the bar and pull it smoothly off the floor. This is not a squat and the movement is hip/glute driven.



This movement works the whole back from waist to shoulder and increases entire body strength.


Using a grip about 1.5 to 2 shoulder-widths apart steadily pull yourself up until your chin is past the bar, then slowly lower yourself back all the way down.

Gym_3This exercise hits the lats hard but also the shoulders and biceps and is great for developing that, oh-so desirable, ’V’ shape.

Two point dumbbell row

Keeping the back straight, position yourself with one hand and one knee on a bench and dead hand pull the dumbbell up to your rib cage and then lower under control. Retract your shoulder blades, pulling them together to stabilise your upper back.
This is a great exercise for developing all areas of the back.

Rear lat raises

With back straight and torso angled to about 40-degrees to the floor raise two dumbbells from in front of your chest to out beside you, then lower slowly with control. Rear lateral raises develop strength and shape throughout the upper back and the rear of the shoulders. The exercise also helps improve your posture.


Lumberjack row

Standing in a staggered stance support your weight by placing your hand near your knee and with the other hand row the bar up and down. This is a great movement for targeting the ‘wing’ muscles, as well as hitting the upper back from a different angle.

Suspension trainer/ring row

Keeping the legs and torso fixed with your heel/feet planted on the floor, pull yourself up between the handles, pause and then lower yourself down under control.



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