We are well into February now, the time New Year’s resolutions are given up for various reasons; not showing results from training or bored with doing the same exercises again and again.

Thankfully there are ways of keeping the training routines effective and interesting by playing around with intensity, frequency and different exercises amongst others.

To keep things interesting combine two exercises to make one super compound exercise. Compound exercises are good if you are time poor and need to maximise your workout in a short amount of time without sacrificing efficiency.


Combinations test your muscle strength and endurance giving you more bang for your buck in a shorter time. Using multiple joints and muscles in one exercise is especially beneficial to strengthen weaker joints and increasing the endurance of postural stabilizing muscles!

Combing exercises we do not use static weight machines but only body weight, free weights and cables this leads to a greater neuromuscular response and core muscles are worked more effectively, leading to increases functional strength.

Here is some ideas of what to do.

Combination 1: Step Up, Shoulder Press and Reverse Lunge

Non-boring gym exercises for women_2

We will need a step or a bench and two dumbbells for this one. Start by stepping up with your right foot onto a 30cm+ step or bench, the left leg does not touch the step and knee comes up until upper leg finish horizontal to the ground.

While stepping up perform a shoulder press with the dumbbells. Step back to the ground with the left leg followed by a reverse lunge with the right leg. Repeat 12 times then switch legs, repeat four times.

Combination 2: Lunge and Horizontal Pull

We will need an adjustable cable machine. Start side on to the cable machine with the cable around bellybutton height. Grab the handle of the cable machine and extend your arms, keeping them straight but not locking the elbows.

Perform a forward lunge wile rotating your arms and shoulders away from the cable machine making sure the arc of your arm movement is parallel with the ground. Perform twelve repetitions then switch sides, repeat four times.

Combination 3: Squat and Pull

We will need a cable machine again. The starting position is facing the machine aligning your left foot with the cable, grabbing the cable in your right hand. Squat down and extend the arm, come up from the squat while pulling and rotating to the right.

Care should be taken to keep the spine straight and rotate to the side worked and not flex and bend. Do twelve repetitions and change sides, repeat four times.

Please remember as with all exercises please speak to a professional before attempting new exercises to make sure your don’t risk injuring yourself!

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