As a leader in the Fitness Industry, I aim to give each and every single session my very best.  What that means to me might be different than what it means to someone else in this Industry.

I am very passionate about what I do and I am to help individuals understand the true meaning when it comes to health and fitness.

In my years of training I have witnessed many great leaders and have been able to work with great mentors to help me find my way in this business.


In the beginning I was misled and confused

What I kept witnessing and was, headed in a completely different direction than where I am now.

I tried a few of the diet trends and followed any new fitness program that would help me get in shape “fast”.  I tried so many things that worked short term and left me feeling helpless and discouraged in so many ways.

Switching gears to a healthy lifestyle

It was only when I finally understood that food was not bad but how I viewed certain foods. Then I able to finally break free from old habits that held me back from living a truly healthy and fit lifestyle.

I was also led to believe that in order to get the ultimate body you must spend hours and hours in the gym.  I let go of that myth as well and am able to see things more clearly now.

You might be wondering what this has to do with the topic on “how to make sure all clients are seen”, so I will get to that now!

 If a “Fitness Leader” is under-fed and overtrained, will they be giving 100% to their session?

 It is my goal to make sure that I am seen by the client as well

What that means to me is that they realize that I am human. Workouts are only a part of my life and I generally eat foods that fuel my body.

I also enjoy my cake and cookies just as much as I enjoy my oatmeal with egg whites.

group exercise_2Now, when it comes to Group Exercise Classes..

– I keep mine more of a circuit style class

I set up the stations and go over all the moves beforehand.

 – I also max out all classes at 10 participants

This allows me to instruct the class, keep an eye on each individual and modify any moves as needed.

Most traditional Group Fitness Classes has the leader in the front working out during the entire session. This can be great for more advanced trainees but discouraging for beginners.  Keep in mind also, that some of these trainers are leading classes back to back and will end up over training and burnt out in the long run.

– I would also suggest that anything above 10 participants would require a second trainer to help assist any client with form

It is also important for me to know in advance who will be attending class.  This allows me to contact any new participant and find out if they have any health issues or injuries.

I will then be able to plan for any modifications if needed.

For me, what it all boils down to is leading by example and guiding all clients to the best of my ability.

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