If you are like me you love to train hard and feel the satisfaction and reward of knowing that you’ve put your best foot forward pushing yourself to your full physical potential. To me one of the main joys of fitness is the self esteem and pride you get through that type of great work ethic! However, there are occasional risks that come about throughout our diligent training lifestyles if we do not prioritize rest and recovery as well.

Rest and recovery are just as important as the more commonly thought of training variables of exercise selection, frequency, and intensity, mainly because it is impossible to continue to perform our training sessions consistently over time if we do not take the time to allow the body to recover back to functional strength.

So, consider the techniques you employ for your recovery days just as valuable to your overall fitness success as anything else. Train hard but train smart! Active Recovery is a good way to do that! You can allow for recovery and still not have to sit out a session! Here’s a great low impact cardio workout for this purpose.


1. Jump rope, 1 minute. Body weight squats, 30 seconds. Perform 6 rounds of each in this order (9 total minutes).

low impact cardio workout_2

2. Squat thrusts, 15 reps. Pushups 20 reps. Perform 4 rounds of each exercise in this order but change reps each round (15,12,8,6 for sq. th 20,16,12,8 for pushups)(5 total minutes)

3. High plank w/alternate glider or towel foot slides to same side hand (like a mountain climber but with large strides), 40 secs. Situps or crunches, 25. Perform 4 rounds of each in this order changing reps each round (40s,30s, 25s, 20s high plank 25,20,15,10 for situps or crunches)(5 total minutes)

4. Kettlebell swings(use moderate weight but heavy enough to challenge), 1 minute. Low plank on elbows, 30 secs. Perform 4 rounds of each in this order (6 total minutes).

Remember this routine is designed to accomplish active recovery and that’s it. You have been pushing your body to the limit over the past few to several days so it is very important for you to take a day like this one to train significantly but have it be lighter, shorter, and less intense.

With this routine you are working pretty much non stop to challenge yourself, but for about 25 minutes which i’m sure is much less than you usually do. Additionally, nothing in this routine is very explosive which makes sure you are not overtraining yourself when in fact you are supposed to be actively recovering.

So go ahead and give this a try on your easy days! It’s nice and short to the point and you’ll get a great sweat while still protecting and taking care of your body for the next intense day! I look forward to future opportunities to assist with your fitness. Be sure to check back soon!

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