Even though many kids are heading back to school, summer is still in full swing. So grab those flirty shorts and get ready for a butt firming workout with these great exercises!

Before we begin:

Remember,  just as with any form of exercise routine where you are looking to achieve a specific look such as flat abs, tight arms, firm butt, you also need to pay strict attention to your diet. Choosing lean meats, high quality fish, 7-13 servings of a variety of fruits and vegetables, whole grains such as brown rice and steel cut oats and drinking plenty of water daily, will get you to your goals much quicker and in a healthy way, too.


This routine can be performed up to four times per week with at least one full day of rest in between each session. Pair this with your favorite cardio on opposing days and add a few upper body routines as well.

Begin with a simple warm-up of running in place, some jumping jacks or even a brisk walk outdoors. Perform one set of each exercise continuously, rest for one minute and repeat two more times, resting again for one minute after the second round.

Be sure to always make stretching a part of every workout and try adding in a session or two of yoga or pilates for variety.

The Workout:

1. Curtsey Lunge

I love this move because it puts your legs into an angle that really targets the gluteus minimus which is the outer area of the glutes as well as the calves. To do a curtsey lunge, begin with feet hip-width apart. Step one foot back and across to the opposite side, behind the other foot.

As with a regular lunge, bend your knee until it just barely reaches the ground and then push back up to starting position. If at anytime it feels uncomfortable, stop immediately.  For a more advanced move, simply add hand weights.

great exercises_2

2. Curl & Lift

There are many variations of this type of movement, such as the superman but by holding the weight you will really work your hamstrings and this will help to tighten and make that booty pop. To do a curl & lift lie facedown on the floor, head on your crossed hands.

Place a 1-2 pound dumbbell behind one knee, flex knee and foot to secure the weight; opposite leg will be straight out and resting on floor. Tuck in your pelvis to keep your back flat.

Lift weighted leg up a few inches squeezing glutes while breathing out, lower front of thigh to floor on the inhale and exhale again as you lift your leg back up off the floor.  Continue for a count of 20; repeat on the opposite side.

3. Fire Hydrant Leg Lift

This is another simple, yet effective move for the outer area of your glutes. Begin on all fours in yoga table top position. Engage your core, lift bent knee out to side, bringing thigh parallel to the floor (think about a dog doing his business at the fire hydrant).

Keeping leg up, sweep foot slightly back, straightening knee to more of a 45 degree angle, then bring it back to 90 degrees and down to floor to starting position. Continue for a full set of 15-20 repetitions; repeat on opposite leg.

3. Leg Lifted in Bridge

This is a bonus move because it also helps to tighten the abs through improved flexibility of the hip flexors.  Lie down, face up, arms at your side and knees bent. Lift and straighten one leg until it is a few inches off the floor.

Lift hips up, tighten glutes, until the lifted leg is parallel with the opposite leg. Hold for count of 2 and lower without allowing the straight leg to touch the ground, repeat.  Continue for a count of 15-20 repetitions; switch sides and repeat.

4. Bridge & Squeeze

Similar to the previous move this also works the inner thighs.  Begin as you had in previous bridge exercise by lying face up, knees bent and place a small ball or rolled up towel in between your knees.

This time both feet will remain flat on the ground and as you move hips upwards squeeze the ball gently and hold bridge up while squeezing for a count of 5, return to start and repeat for 15-20 repetitions.

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