Why have a golf workout plan?

Writing a golf program is nearly like trying to define how long a piece of string is. What is your goal, getting more mobile and flexible? Increasing swing speed? Producing more power? One wish from just about all golfers is to hit the ball further off the tee!

THere are many different views and thoughts as to what will have an influence on how we swing the club. Take a look at the professionals and you will notice they all have a different approach in their swings. I am sure no other sport has more ‘technique books’ written about it, and they can’t all be the same!


Any training program should consider the limitations of the specific player.

Practise makes perfect

Golf is a fascinating sport, able to crush your soul and scramble your mind one moment, then lift you into ecstasy the very next shot you play. Too improve your game there are some things you can do; the obvious is to play as often as possible and hope you get rid of bad habits naturally, or get a golf pro to instruct you to iron out the bad habits. You can also get in the gym and train.

Then there is always the latest club technology. All these factors are important to improve your game, again look at the guys on Tour for confirmation on this!

In this article we are going to look at what we can do in the gym and set up a short program to improve your swing.

Using the gym to improve

A very simplified version of golf biomechanics is as follows; an effective swing relies on the ability to transfer force from the ground up through the legs, hips, trunk, shoulders, arms and into the club face as efficiently as possible.

Any training program should take into consideration, ground reactive forces and alternating mobility and stability segments of the human body to generate as much as possible force which will translate in to faster club speed and accuracy.

More than one swing

There is an infinite number of ways to swing a golf club but only one efficient way for your specific body. It is always recommended to speak with a professional and find out where your strengths and restrictions are. Once that is determined a program tailored to you can be set up to maximise your swing efficiency.

For the purpose of this program we will focus on the basics, force from the ground up and maximising rotation. If you want something a little more specific please do not hesitate to get in touch via my profile page here at WatchFit.

As with any training program it is necessary to get the clearance from your physician and assessment from a professional to be able to do the training safely!

golf workout plan_2

Golf Workout Program

Movement Preparation

A-Frame stretch. Start by bending into a squat position from the knees, pit on elbow against the knee and hand on the other. Extend the other arm straight, rotate the straight arm as far as possible towards the ceiling. Repeat 20 times to each side

Disassociation Planks – Start by getting into a push-up position rotate one arm from the ground to the ceiling without rotating the hips. Now tuck one knee up towards the opposite shoulder while keeping the shoulders as stable as possible.
Repeat 10 times and 2 sets

Dynamic posterior chain mobilisation. Start with feet together step back with one foot, as you step back the opposite toes lift off the ground as high as possible with heel keeping in contact with the floor. Reach with both hands towards the toes.
Repeat 20 times on each leg


Glute Bridge

Start laying down on your back with feet flat on the floor, push the hips into the air until the hips are in line with shoulders and knees. Control the movement up and down using the glutes. To increase the intensity switch to one leg at a time and increase the time held at the top position.

Repeat 10 times and 3 sets

T-Hip Rotations (hip airplane)

Start on one leg (keeping knee slightly bent), holding onto something. Hinge through the hip, dropping the body about parallel with the ground. Lift the opposite hip up to the ceiling controlling the movement through the hip/glutes of the leg on the ground. Rotate hip and shoulders as one unit.
Repeat 10 times and 3 sets

Kneeling cable horizontal pull

Start kneeling on one knee, side on to a cable machine (knee on ground closest to the machine) grab the handle with both hands straight in front of the body. From there rotate away from the machine. Depending how you feel you can regress the movement and start standing.
Repeat 12 times and 3 sets

Medicine ball overhead throws

Start with one foot in front of the other and throw a medicine ball against a wall or on a sports ground as far as you can. Get maximum explosion through the abdominals. Be very careful if you have a back condition.
Repeat 8 times 4 sets

Always have fun with your training!

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