I don’t want to tempt fate too badly but winter still seems to be holding off for now and here, in the South East of England, we have just enjoyed a week without a cloud in the sky and 23 degree temperatures.

All of which has meant an extended run out in the Summer wardrobe. And this has got me thinking…

This is not a time to slide into hibernation

Resist the temptation to reach for the baggy, bulky clothes, slumping on the sofa in front of romcoms and clutching mugs of hot chocolate whilst grazing on whatever comfort foods take your fancy.

The weather’s effect on your motivation

I know it is all too easy to do as the general climate seems to steer us away from any inclination to bounce around, stay active, get outside, consider our figure. On the contrary it seems that we are driven inside, forced to shroud ourselves in unflattering clothing and into a state on inactivity and add to that the consumption of some foods that might not be entirely terrific.

What do you get..?

You get someone who hits New Year, vows to shape up and get fit, who then realises Spring and Summer are looming large and it’s on with frantic attempts to hone that great bikini body from an unlikely starting point.

But all of this can be avoided and it can be avoided now!

Getting to the Bottom of It_2

There is so much we can do to prevent this predictable cycle from playing out yet again. I will keep things short and sharp so you can crack on with keep yourself ticking over and hitting key body parts, mobilising and toning.

If you want a fabulous straightforward exercise that requires very little space, nothing more than your own bodyweight and works wonders for legs and bottom – then look no further than the humble squat.

How to perform the perfect squat

Lets not slip towards a flabby butt and chafing legs this Winter. Here are your seven steps for tighter, toned and stronger legs and bum!

1. Stand up straight with feet a little wider than your hips. Toes and knees facing the same direction.

2. Tighten your stomach by puling in your belly button towards your spine.

3. Bend at the knees, stick your bottom out as if easing into a chair. Inhale as you do this.

4. Keep your feet flat to the floor throughout and keep your chest and upper body lifted at all times. Don’t fold over!

5. Bend the knees, lower the hips until thighs are roughly parallel with the floor, bring your arse up in front of you in a ‘sleepwalking pose’ for balance.

As you get better you may want to drop even lower. Your knees should not protrude much further than the end of your toes.

6. Exhale as you straighten your legs, arms back to your sides and return to the start position.

7. And repeat

Take a few seconds to perform each squat in a controlled manner using correct form throughout. Start with a number that you can manage but still tests you. Perform these all in one go. Do this throughout a month, try to add five more each squatting session and take every fifth day off.

By the end of the month you should be impressed by the numbers you are doing and the results you are achieving!


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