Why you should wear a watch in the gym

The watch is without a doubt the best piece of kit in any gym. Look around you next time you go in and see how many people are wearing watches.

A few could possibly be wearing heart rate monitors (the deluxe watch) or maybe wearing a heart rate monitor that is hooked up to central receiving point to publish heart rate data on to a flashy screen, but ultimately looking around you will see few people wearing a sports watch.


What will you do today in the gym?

How many times have you turned up at the gym and thought, what am I going to do today? That is your first mistake! That is not the question you need to ask yourself!

Just those few words make a huge impact on your workout. If you turn up at the gym and don’t know your workout in advance, then you will waste time.

Don’t waste one second in the gym.

If you have a pre-planned workout that you can repeatedly do in your gym, on equipment you repeatedly use, on days you repeatedly go to the gym – then do that! Think about it…

Benefits of a pre-planned workout

Someone who runs outside will run for 50 mins .. 1 hour … maybe 2 hours. But they generally know before they leave the door, how long the run will last and what will be asked of them.

Their mind is mentally prepared and they achieve a result at the end of it. Because they do this, they will repeat it. They are …

Mentally Prepared And Focused

Runners will not waste a second in the outdoors and you should not waste a second in the gym. They will alos record the time it took them to do a certain run – Benchmark it and then improve on it as added focus.

Get Maximum Results in the shortest possible time.

Building up your fitness from scratch

Now I won’t lie to you, you can get great results in very small window of exercise, but you must have done the ground work first. That means building up a large volume of work beforehand.

HIIT does not work effectively if all you are doing is random spurts of exercise.

Build your Aerobic Base (AB)

You can’t get round it – if somebody is prescribing HIIT without groundwork first, tell them to take a hike.

Once the AB is built then you can go and exercise effectively doing HIIT. I would estimate that around 6 months of base building is a good foundation (3 to 4 days a week).

Aerobic Base Building in Gym

The great news is that AB Building is really quite enjoyable. This is the phase that wearing your watch is something that becomes part of you ( I have been known to turn the car around and return home to collect it) It quite simply is the best piece of kit in any gym.

A watch will keep you motivated and focused.

It’s important to develop a sense of achievement. On every single visit to the gym, as long as you feel a sense of achievement you will more than likely continue your programme of exercise.

Begin the journey with AB Building

Look at the Big 4:

The X Trainer

get watch fit part 3_2

Take advantage of the facilities

When trying first to build your AB look at what probably sold the gym to you. Treadmills, Bikes, X-Trainer and the Rower – all four can in some cases cost thousands of pounds, and you have access to them for what .. £15 a month? Great value!

It’s time to build your ABC

Learning your ABC

Your ABC is an Aerobic Base Circuit

1. Check you are wearing a watch.

2. Look at the layout of your gym.

3. Mentally prepare the Circuit in your mind.

4. Add recovery breaks.

5. Stay focused.

6. Remain motivated.

7. Achieve something.

Don’t waste a second in the gym.

A sample workout programme







Final Time


5000 m

2 minutes

5000 m

1 minute

500 m


Obviously your distance and recovery is variable. But I can assure if you were going to the gym knowing that this was the circuit you were going to do before you set off.

Then you will enjoy the experience far more once you have completed it.

Your ABC needs to last around 50 minutes.

Record your results

Record your result … possibly using a spreadsheet or purpose built website which is free is a great start.

Get used to being inspired by your own results and continue to break the cycle of giving up in those early weeks.

In my experience using a phone to record your split timings or anything that is touch controlled is not worth it. You can touch the screen and ruin your timed splits, or even worse stop it without realising.

You need a Watch to get WatchFIT.

You need to physically press and record the split to avoid any mistakes.

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