There are many ways to gain muscle; just some ways are better than others.

Lifting heavy weights can help you gain muscle, just look at some powerlifters, but powerlifters aren’t as big muscularly as bodybuilders or even figure competitors. This is because powerlifting only stresses the muscles of the body in two ways.

The first way is time under tension, the amount of time the muscles are under load from an external weight or body weight, and mechanical tension.

Which is the tension created by lifting weight through a full range of motion, by lifting weight through a full rang of motion will result in enough stimulus to get a anabolic response.

The point being, training only heavy like a powerlifter will gain you some size but it is not the most effective way if you are looking for larger more sculpted muscles.

To get good muscle size you need to incorporate more variety of stressors to the muscles. Those being mechanical tension (mentioned above), metabolic stress (that swole feeling or better known as getting a pump), and muscle damage (Exercises that involve long stretching, think RDLs or Dumbbell Pull Over).

So how do those mechanical drop sets fit into all of this?

Depending on what exercise you use, mechanical drop sets will incorporate multiple stimuli at once. Primarily metabolic stress and mechanical tension, this will result in an anabolic response i.e. muscle gain.

Mechanical drop sets use the same reasoning that traditional drop sets use. Where you try to get a set number of reps with one exercise. With traditional drop sets you will decrease the load to keep the reps the same.

gain muscle3

Example: Bench

Set 1: 205×6
Set 2: 195×6
Set 3: 185×6
And so on…

With mechanical drop sets you are trying to keep the reps the same but instead of decreasing the weight you will just move your body into a more mechanical advantages position to move the weight.

To help get you all started here is some ideas of mechanical drop sets you can use.

Mechanical Drop Set: Back

Exercise: Pull Ups
How to do it:
First: Pull Ups: AMRAP (As many reps as possible)
Drop 1: Chin Ups: AMRAP
Drop 2: Neutral Grip Chin Ups: AMRAP

Mechanical Drop Set: Chest and Arms

Exercise: Push Ups
How to do it:
First: Feet Elevated Push Ups: 10x
Drop 1: Push Ups: 10x
Drop 2: Slight Hands Elevated Push Ups: 10x

Mechanical Drop Set: Hips and Hamstrings

Exercise: RDLs
How to do it:
First: Single Leg Deadlift: 10x each leg
Drop 1: RDL (Romanian Deadlift): 10x
Drop 2: Partial Rep RDL: 10x

Mechanical Drop Set: Quads

Exercise: Lunges and Squats
How to do it:
First: Forward Lunge: 8x each leg
Drop 1: Split Squat: 8x each leg
Drop 2: Squat: 8 – 12x

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