To some exercise and keeping to a regular routine goes down well, to others it’s a struggle just to get to the gym let alone do a class and keep it going.

As humans the greatness of it all we don’t all think the same making us individually different and enticing to one another.

If only we all thought the same when the subject came to regular exercise to eating healthy, then maybe just, maybe, Britain would not hold the top spot of being Europe’s most obese country?


That would be an endeavoring thought and pig’s fly in the sky:

My experience with working with clients throughout the years, who simply just don’t like exercise full stop, is to mix the routine up and never keep it stagnated, as well as highlighting their goals they want to achieve is all good and helps massively knowing they have a helping hand, therefore they tend to keep to it.

But for those that can’t afford a Personal Trainer it can be harder, as they are not disciplined enough mentally to keep this thought persistent:

What I am saying here and coming from a psychology background, when you look at the picture in more detail that person wants to self consciously in a physical format as well as outer appearance wants to change their lifestyle, but without realizing they have conditioned their brains to dislike any attempts in reaching their goals.

Therefore they program their brain so as they physically won’t engage in any exercise what so ever and not having a trainer there to remind them of their goals is very easy in coming off their tracks and leading to the road (I have given up before I have tried);

Not always but most of the time blaming it on the exercise/gyms, stating (I don’t like working out full-stop).

Really have you given yourself a chance to enjoy it?

The question now is how to get that brain registering in engaging oneself to participate in regular exercise to healthy eating?

Firstly, put away those glossies that have the latest celebrity loosing ex-amount of weight in 3 months having gone on the latest herbal-tea fad, adding they are sponsored to promote, brain washing you in thinking the same will happen to you) and take a look at one’s self and your lifestyle in general.

And yes bodies are made in the kitchen is an important factor to consider:

Take a look at your cupboards and your fridge; is it stocked with healthy foods or plain simple chocolates, crisps and sweets?

Did you know that eating too many unhealthy foods could influence negative thoughts?

Secondly, all right the gym is not for you, it’s not the end of the world, but did you know that exercising could be fun if you allow it?

Why not grab a few friends and go paintballing?

It’s not about how many calories you will burn in one session, as mentioned in my other articles everyone is different whilst some body types will burn food quicker supposed to other body types, but the main objective here is to bring back the fun factor and in this activity paintballing certainly gets you moving, as well as having fun, if you allow it to?

Note paintballing will not get you that beach body, but your heart will adore you for keeping it pumping and reducing stress levels.

Why not invest in a pair of pad & gloves and team up with a friend taking it in turns to punch at the pads, is a great way in releasing stress and making one self feel good after a hard days graft?

Don’t worry if you have not got a friend to do this with suiting to your times, there’s always a punch bag/to standing up bags, (no excuses).

If you have children, why not visit your local park more often (of course depending on the weather) and invite your children/nephews and nieces friends, maybe engage in some football or rounders and encourage their parents, friends to come a long to make the numbers higher?

How about investing in a bike?

If you usually ride to work on public transport to driving, why not cycle into work is a great way in burning fat, did you know steep hills work the legs for that resistance workout as well as getting some cardio in and keeping thee old ticker ticking, not forgetting great source of fresh air?

Can’t afford a bike, you can always hire one.

make exercise fun

There are so many options in placing the fun factor back into exercising, but the reality here is, dealing with the psychological side and only you can answers that question is an important factor to consider, so try being honest with yourself and find out what it is that you really despise about working out and be honest, after all is a confidential and personal encounter with you and only you.

Personally through my own experiences, always having exercised from a young age, but not seeing results and years being over weight to my heaviest being 15 stones.

I truly was ready to give up:

I so badly wanted to lose the weight, to the point I pictured myself and the way I wanted to look with clothes on and off, that gave me the willpower to carry on and I can thankfully say I did it in baby steps slowly and it certainly paid off, with an added bonus of myself enjoying exercise: Mainly my routine consisting of Boxing to lifting weights and hiit training.

By establishing workouts I enjoyed, not only have I benefited in myself loosing the weight but at the same time I enjoy doing my workout making me keep to them consistently and do I get bored? Hell no.

My last bit of advice is to try out a few exercises maybe participating in several classes, perhaps going to the gym or if you’re not a gym person taking up some of the suggestions I have mentioned above?

Everybody is different and tastes vary, but my point is as an individual only you know yourself and getting to know your dislikes and likes  is an advantage not just physically but mentally helping you make better suitable choices in your personal affairs, work related and basically in general, so you are more likely to give stuff a go in the long run not the short and stick to it, think about it?

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