Getting a full body workout at home can be a difficult task with lack of equipment, distractions from phone calls, piles of laundry, needs of family, limited space, and a DVR full of shows you want to watch instead.

But, there is a way to get in a quick workout with limited space, and little to no equipment. This workout can be completed inside in an open area of your house, or in your yard.

All you need is a timer and 2 items to mark your distance–shoes work great.

First you need to warm up. Set your timer for :30 second splits and complete 30 seconds each of: (with 30 sec. rest between each exercise).

1) High Knee Jog
2) Butt Kicks
3) Jumping Jacks
4) Air Squats
5) Push Ups
6) Sit Ups (feet anchored under couch or table). For some variety, try Boxer Situps
7) Arm Swings (to front)
8) Arm Swings (to back)

Remember this is a warm-up, not a sprint to proceed at a moderate pace.

From here I would recommend a few static stretches, like quad stretch, calf stretch, hamstring stretch, shoulder stretches, and a few torso twists. Hold for 1 minute each.

Next you will set up your 2 distance markers as far apart as your room space will allow, not exceeding 15 meters. For this first series, at the first distance marker you will complete 20 push-ups.

From there, you will bear crawl to the next distance marker and chip away at 20 Flutter Kicks (per leg).  You will return to your first distance marker doing crab walk, with your fingertips pointed toward your heels.

You will complete this pattern until you have finished 100 reps of push-ups and 100 flutter kicks.

Full body workout at home_2

Rest 3 minutes.

Next you will start at your first distance marker doing 10 squat jumps in place. From there you will do walking lunges (back knee kissing ground with each step) to second distance marker.

There you will complete 20 alternating single leg romanian deadlifts (feel free to hold a dumbbell or kettlebell in your hand to add to the intensity).

To return to the starting marker you will do straight leg soldier kicks, back.

Again, complete until you have finished 50 squat jumps and 100 single leg romanian deadlifts.

Rest 3 minutes.

The third part of this series will require you to do 20 V-Ups at the first distance marker.

From there you will inchworm your way to the second distance marker. At the second marker, you will do 10  slow superman’s with a big squeeze at the top.

Followed up by 10 burpees in place. Following the 10 burpees you will sprint back to the first marker to repeat the series again.

You are finished at 100 V-Ups and 50 superman’s and 50 burpees.


After you have completed the 3 series, I would walk to cool down, and finish up with some static stretching.

I would complete this workout once a week and each week increase the number of reps each set until you are completing 110 reps of each movement, then 120, and 130… and so on.

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