Once your nutrition is dialed in, a proper training program will accelerate your journey to your fat loss goals. In previous articles, I have written a lot about the principles of effective fat loss training.

Now, it is time to put that all together and give you a complete, full body gym workout for women…

…that will help you melt that fat away!


Weekly Plan

Ideally try to hit the gym 4 days per week. If you can only do 3, that will still work, but the extra day makes a difference. Try to spread the days out evenly throughout the week.

Don’t make the mistake of being a sedentary gym rat (i.e. someone who is completely sedentary outside of their regular weekly gym sessions). Look to add extra physical activity to your week.

Don’t think of these times as workouts and don’t worry about tracking all the variables such as times, distances and heart rates. Instead, just find some fun and relaxing activities that get you moving. Examples include: brisk walking, hiking, cycling, dancing, recreational sports, swimming, skating, etc.

Make sure you schedule time into your week to take care of grocery shopping, chopping veggies, meal prep, food logging, etc. Remember that nutrition is the most important thing for fat loss.

Day 1 Intro

Day 1 is a heavier day that has you alternating between upper and lower body exercises. You will notice that the exercises are arranged with numbers and letters. The idea is that the exercises with the same numbers are paired together.

For example, with the first pair, you do a set of squats, rest 30-45 sec, do a set of pull-ups, rest 30-45sec and then repeat that 2 more times.

After 3 series of alternating exercises, you move onto interval cardio. For this, choose a mode based on what you have available and you can do safely and effectively.

I’m a huge fan of basic, outdoor exercises like sprinting (flat or ideally up a hill) and loaded carries (e.g. farmer’s walks, sled pushing/pulling, etc.). If you have access to these options, great! If not, choose from what you do have available (e.g. exercise bike, elliptical trainer, jump rope, etc.).

The day 1 is a short, intense cardio. If it feels short and easy, work on pushing harder.

Day 2 Intro

Day 2 is a circuit. All the #1 exercises are done together with a short rest between each one. Once you get to the end, have a slightly longer rest before you go at it again.

This day is followed with a longer cardio. As with day one, you can pick the mode that works well for you. However, avoid exercises that are really skill-intensive, as fatigue mixed with high-skilled exercises is a bad combination. Also, be careful, as this longer duration can make you feel dizzy and nauseous if you push yourself too hard.

Note: the following is a sample program. It may not be right for you. Consult your doctor before starting this or any other exercise program. Do not do any exercise that you can’t do properly. Substitute problem exercises for a more suitable variation for you as needed.

Stop exercising if you feel pain, dizziness or nausea. Start too light the first time through the program so you can get a feel for things. Then gradually progress from there.

– Day 1

1a) Squat (front, back or goblet): 3×8-10, rest 30-45sec

full body gym workout for women_2

1b) Pull-up (use band or machine-assist if needed): 3×8-10, rest 30-45sec

2a) Single Leg Romanian Deadlift, 3×8-10, rest 20sec between arms and 2b

2b) 1-Arm Dumbbell Press from Half Kneel: 3×8-10, rest 20-30sec between legs and 2a

3a) Hip Thrust: 3×8-10, rest 30-45sec

3b) Swiss ball or Ab Wheel Rollouts: 3×8-10, rest 30-45sec

4) Interval Cardio: 10-20sec hard, 1-2min easy, repeat for 5-10 rounds

– Day 2

1a) TRX Row: 3×12-15, rest 20-30sec

full body gym workout for women_3

1b) Weighted Sled Push or Pull: 3×6-8 per leg, rest 20-30sec

1c) Push-Ups: 3×10-12, rest 20-30sec (go from a bar on a rack or smith machine if needed, to get proper form and range of motion)

1d) Kettlebell Swings: 3×10-20, rest 20-30sec

1e) Suspension Strap Mountain Climbers: 3×3-5 very slow and controlled steps per leg, rest 20-30sec

1f) Single Leg Hip Thrust: 3×10-15, rest 1-2m min before starting the next round

2) Interval Cardio: 30-60sec hard, 1.5-3min easy, repeat for 4-8 rounds

If you want to learn more about proper technique for the exercises in this program, check out my exercise video library on my YouTube channel. Details in my Profile Page here at WatchFit.

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