So you’re considering running on the treadmill again? Not that excited? Not that motivated? Bored just plodding along? Not any more! These below workouts will put fun and challenge into your treadmill training also making your workouts more efficient and effective by working at a higher intensity.

They will develop all 3 of your different energy systems for a maximum combined training effect. Bottom line…achieve more in less time whilst keeping a smile on your face!


Make sure you are in appropriate condition before attempting these workouts. That is you are injury free and have a reasonably good level of aerobic fitness before beginning.


These workouts are based around the theory or High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) meaning you work for short amounts of time at high levels of effort. They will only be effective if you work exactly at the prescribed level.



-Set the treadmill at a speed where you can run for 60secs at an intensity level of 70%
-Run at this speed for 60secs
-Rest for 30secs
-Repeat for 5 reps
-Rest for 60secs
-Repeat 3 times through


-Set the treadmill at a speed where you can run for 40secs at an intensity level of 80%-
-Run at this speed for 40secs
-Rest for 20secs
-Repeat for 6 reps
-Rest for 60secs
-Repeat 3 times through

fun treadmill workouts_2


-Set the treadmill at a speed where you can run for 30secs at an intensity level of 90%
-Run at this speed for 30secs
-Rest for 15secs
-Repeat for 7 reps
-Rest for 60secs
-Repeat 3 times through


-Set the treadmill at a speed where you can run for 20secs at an intensity level of 100%
-Run at this speed for 20secs
-Rest for 10secs
-Repeat for 8 reps
-Rest for 60secs
-Repeat 3 times through

Important points to remember

1. Know your treadmill! Make sure you are comfortable with how to use it, change speed, carefully step on and on the belt and how to stop it should you need to!

2. When you have to “rest” for the allotted amount of time above, the most efficient way to do this is to carefully lift yourself off the belt and straddle it with your feet either side. Make sure you are comfortable and confident with how to do this at slow speeds first before you do it at higher speeds, particularly when lowering yourself back on.

3. Some treadmills my automatically stop when you are not running on them for a certain amount of time. This is a safety feature. To overcome this work out the maximum amount of time you can be off the belt for before it cuts out or reduce the speed to a slower value in your “rest” period.

4. For maximum fat burning effect, carry out these workouts directly after a weights session or first thing in the morning before breakfast.
These don’t have to be done on a treadmill! They can be easily carried out “on foot”, just make sure you work at the same intensity for all reps and keep look where you’re going, not constantly at your watch!

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