The first question that I am going to ask you here is this…

Is it weight loss your after or is it a reduction of fat you want?

Ahh now, the cogs are turning…


Fat to lean tissue ratio

Many people come to us at Rock Solid asking to loose weight. But what they are actually wanting is to reduce the amount of fat in their body and change the way they look.

They want to change their body composition (fat to lean tissue ratio).

One of the first things to think about is that the way we think about weight loss is going through a major change.

For many years we thought that to reduce the amount of fat our bodies are carrying we had to spend hours and hours on the treadmill or on the static bike peddling away and getting nowhere.

Hands up…Who wants to spend hours and hours doing this?

In a fast past lifestyle we all live in, not me!

How fat loss functions

If we can take an inside and educated look at our bodies and how they function we will have a greater understanding of how they work when it comes to fat loss.

One of the main tissues in our body is lean muscle tissue (skeletal muscle), which needs to be continually stimulated to maintain its size.

This is because it is not “energy efficient” for our bodies to carry large amounts of this muscle on our bodies.

Therefore our body is continually trying to reduce the size of our muscle tissue, hence why we need to continually train.

The more muscle we have (lean tissue) the more energy we need to sustain it thus more calories we are burning even when we are at rest. This is what we call a higher metabolic rate.

Resistance training and fat loss

This is the reason that resistance training (lifting weights) is a great way to reduce our body fat percentage.

A person with a higher muscle mass will burn more calories at rest than a person with less muscle mass.

I have put together five top resistance exercises for increasing your muscle tissue, which will help you.

I have chosen these five exercises for a few reasons. Firstly they are what we call “compound exercises” as they are working multiple muscle groups all in one go. Secondly these movements are working the larger muscles in our body.

As I spoke about before the larger our muscles are the higher our metabolic rate will be and in turn the more calories we will be burning at rest.

Top five resistance training exercises

So what are the exercises that are most efficient and effective at us being able to do this?

Dead lifts

1. Stand with your feet hip width apart.

2. Stand as close to the bar as possible.

3. Keep head up facing forward and chest up proud.

4. Sit into the move so your weight is evenly distributed across your feet.

5. Remember to pull your core in tight.


1. To start with stand with your feet in a comfortable position to you, as you progress we can play around with different position.

2. Make sure your knee track on your toes.

3. Keep head and chest up proud, this will help with keeping your back flat.

4. Sit deep into the squat whilst back remains flat.

5. Pause at the bottom before driving your feet into the floor to return to the top position.

Walking lunges

1. Keep head and chest up proud.

2. Push your hips forward.

3. Make sure your front knee tracks your toes of your front foot.

4. Lower your rear knee to the floor stopping before it touches.

5. Push through the heel of the front foot.

Pull/chin ups

1. Start from a full hang position.

2. Firstly pull your shoulder blades together and downwards.

3. Imagine your chest is getting pulled up to the bar.

4. Pause at the top.

5. Lower down slowly, under control.

Shoulder/Military press

1. Hold the bar slightly wider than shoulder width apart.

2. As you press the bar over your head follow the bar with your eyes.

3. Only press ¾ of the way up.

4. Keep your shoulder blade down, so your shoulders are compacted down.

5. Concentrate on the negative phase of the movement , lower the bar slowly.

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