Challenge yourself as best as you can, especially if this is the first time doing anything like this.

If this is the first time pace yourself and maybe do it with someone. If you are new to anything like this pace yourself this time.

Take breaks and drink water as needed. If you challenge yourself and get through all of the sets you will be on your way to having a smokin hot body and being more productive.


Look and feel better starting with this program or add a spark to what you are already doing.

Ages 14 and older preferable for this program.

More muscles in less time and for those who appreciate a challenge you will feel good about this and determined beat your time in 6 days or 3 weeks.

For those who have done some form of training. Try to complete this as fast as you can and when you do it again in a month or 6 weeks check to see if you beat your previous time.

You can do this program 2x per week or 3-4x per month.

3 in 1 strength workouts2

Anyone more advanced can use a heavier kettle bell and/or wear a weight vest.

Do not use weights too heavy because this program is about speed, raising the metabolism and using strength and flexibility for a smokin hot body.

Stretch and drink 2-3 glasses of water to rehydrate and prevent or reduce soreness.

My arms were on fire that day and may legs were on fire the day after (honestly).

Remember start with 20 reps, 19, 18 and work your way down to 5 reps each of push ups, jump squats and kettle bell swings in any order you want to do them in.

Do not do this too often to keep the body guessing and fun every time you do it, especially if you do it with someone.

I did it on my own on a Friday morning my fastest time is less than 16 minutesv(I do not remember the exact time). Strength, cardio and flexibility in 1 workout. Slow down or stop if you feel lite headed, cramping or sick to your stomach.

Post your testimonials to the Fuller Fitness fan page (preferably a video) with positive comments, results and testimony.

Also please post and tag me in a instagram picture and/or video @fullerfitness85 about your experience with the program and your goal toward a smokin hot body.

Let’s make this work. Whether you are starting, restarting or doing something different.

Call or text me with questions about this progam, the pace or anything about the pyramid.

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