You probably already know that flexibility exercises are good for you, but they are more crucial to your health than you may think.  A person’s flexibility refers to the ability of your joints and muscles to move through a full range of motion allowing for more freedom of efficient movement throughout the body, something that can be lost easily in adulthood.

Flexibility exercises and stretching may take a back seat in your exercise routine or you think because you don’t go to the gym that you don’t need to do any. There are many reasons why flexibility exercises are now being realised as more crucial to your health than once thought.

Scientists and athletes are now understanding is that flexibility begins in your mind. If your mind thinks it needs to defend against injury (or against you!) it will do that, bracing for impact, making you less flexible. The more flexible your mind is the more flexible your body is and vice versa.


As the length of the working day increases, more people are working in excessively sedentary jobs or at a desk, sitting more and moving less can be the results, therefore over time, body movements and posture habits can lead to reduced mobility of joints and compromised body positions.

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So here are 10 reasons why flexibility exercises are more crucial than you thought:

1- Enhance sports performance, for example; better arm, shoulder extension and rotation for swimmers, longer strides for runners, deeper knee bends and hip flexion for skiers and increased energy, stamina and strength.
2- Better posture, helping the body to maintain the balance of energy that flows, its life force that is in each and every cell in the body (of which there are trillions)
3- Finding a healthy balance between stability and mobility thus supporting the skeletal system as well as all the systems and organs in the body.
4- Every day movements and task are easier resulting in less muscle tension, soreness and a reduced risk of injury.
5- More relaxation for the mind and body, better sleep patterns, less disc strains when turning over in bed at night
6- Increased circulation and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, high Blood Pressure, stroke and diabetes.
7- Increase life expectance and a freedom to enjoy the autumn years, reduce muscle deterioration and maintain balance and coordination.
8- More focused and increased productivity, allowing  you to feel more free, open, calm, content, and confident from the inside out
9- Happier, Healthier more energised and an invigoration of the sprit. Reduced feelings of stress, anxiety and depression.
10- Reduce the risk of obesity and chronic illness, helps to balance blood sugars and good cholesterol levels.

Maintaining and enhancing your flexibility is a life-long process, as the mind and body become more flexible so life becomes easier to move through.

If there is anything that individual, of all ages can do to assist their own mind body and spirit to maintain or move towards optimum health it would be to include flexibility exercises into their everyday lives.

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