First of all I would start with “there is NO secret”, everything is hard work and one of the most important thing CONSISTENCY!

You can not do something for yesterday so, do it at the right moment and try to be consistent with doing it. There is no magic workout when you try to get a flatter stomach, the perfect workout is the one that suites to you, indoor, outdoor, does not matter.

Don’t do what you see others doing, your workout should be the workout that makes your stomach flat, the workout that you enjoy and the one who brings you the results that you aiming for.


From experience I would say depending on how big the problem is on the stomach area when you start going flat the first thing you should consider is a good detox program.

Detoxifying from inside, cleaning your digestive system is probably one of the most important things to start with. DO NOT start with crunches because you gonna end up giving up and I have seen it so many times.

START with eating healthy, yes healthier because bad eating habits won’t be beaten by none crunches or sit ups.

So first of any exercises start cutting down on the bad stuff that you eating and start to learn reading the labels because sugar is sometimes hidden.

Nowadays, you won’t see too much flat stomachs because of what we eat and lack of exercise. Everything is processed, everything contains artificial sugars replacing the fat. Read the label, and if it has more than 22.5 g/100g is too sugary and is not going to make your stomach flat.

People tend not to eat either breakfast, or lunch or dinner after 6-7 in the evening.

Skipping meals is again one of the factors that makes your body to store fat and guess where, on your stomach gentleman, thigh and bums ladies, areas of concern where most of us are struggling with losing the stubborn weight.

We need trough out the day at least five meals in order to get our stomach flat, good nutritious food with the three main food groups: carbohydrates (50-55% of your daily intake), proteins 15-20% daily ), fats (25-30% daily).

Every single group of this has his own role in your body and if you don’t put them trough your daily diet your system will start lack in energy, will start store fat and the worst case scenario, diseases.

Obviously when you start correcting your food intake, sugar intake and you start to eat healthy you’ll have even the right energy to exercise.

Exercises like crunches, sit ups, plank, side plank can be easily done outdoor to get that flat stomach. Yes it hurts for the beginning but nothing comes easy and you will see the progress now that you are on stage 2.

Check this tips for a flatter firmer tummy


flat stomach workouts2

Ideas for getting that flatter stomach outdoor can variate, for example you could do some boxing whit a partner, or TRX which is the one of the tools that uses your core with every single exercise.

The Rip Trainer (from TRX) is also designed to get a flatter stomach. Simply using 2 dumbbells and try boxing using your core and your hips ( 20 second work – 10 seconds break) Do it 5-8 times as fast as you can and you will feel it.

Exercise with your partner and you can make it fun ( one of you stays in a plank position for 30 seconds meanwhile the other one does high knees between his legs and vice versa), do it 5 times changing positions and then start doing some crunches for another 20-30 seconds.

A great ab workout should include working your upper body which is engaging your upper abdominals, your lower body which is gonna use more your lower abdominals and your sides. It is to say that a good core is going to keep you away from having lower back problems.

Another good way of getting a flat and strong abs is a rope, yes a rope that you could tight it up by a tree and shake it up and down or to sides for as long as you can.

“Superman” from a plank position rise one leg or one arm and if you feel stronger rise one arm and opposite leg keeping your hips and core stabile. Again from a plank position touch with your hand your opposite foot or knee and if you add a push up in between will be even greater.

Another great tool is a big gym, pilates ball which does not cost more than £ 10-15.

You just need to make sure is not too big or too small ( usually legs and thighs should be at 90 degree to be ok ).

You can sit on the ball doing crunches, you can use it side ways or you can use it from a plank position bringing your knees up to your chest, which is a great workout for a flat stomach, or you can do the pike, assisted if beginner.

Usually the ball comes with some exercise printed in a manual.

Check too this exercise ball workout

If you have a mat, you can even use the ball by grabbing it between your feet and from a lied down position rise your legs with the ball and then put it down and same by grabbing the ball with your hands you would com into a sitting position. Again with your partner you can make this more fun.

Another important thing, all this time you need to drink plenty of water, because detoxification is done by the amount of water you drink and that, your food intake and your exercises will get you the results that you ever wanted.

For more information on how to be successful feel free to contact me and will take it to the next level.

Yours in health,

Radu Bura!

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