It’s true, you don’t need to lay out an exercise mat to strengthen your core.

The following standing abdominal workout hits all the muscles that make up your core.

Complete 3 or 4 sets of each exercise as instructed, rest for 30 seconds between sets, 2 or 3 times a week.


1. Dumbbell side bends:

10 reps each side.

Standing up right with your feet about shoulder width apart, hold a comfortable weight in each hand and allow them to rest at your side. Keeping your hips square allow your body to bend at the side while maintaining your upright posture, do not slouch into the motion.

2. Oblique twist:

10 reps each side.

Feet shoulder width apart, upright posture, grip a comfortable weight in your hands and stretch your arms straight out in front of you no higher than your shoulders. Keeping you hips square, twist your to one side making sure both feet stay flat on the floor.

flat belly exercise at home_2

3. Standing cross body crunch:

10 reps each side.

With one foot in line with your hips, point one foot out to the side. With a comfortable weight in your hand, raise your arms above your head creating a diagonal line with the out pointed foot. Bring your hands down and the same time as your lift your bended knee in allowing them to meet at your belly button.

4. Reverse dumbbell chop:

10 reps each side.

Feet shoulder width apart and slightly bent. With a comfortable weight in your hands start with the dumbbell across your body at the knee, swing the dumbbell up and across the opposing shoulder.

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