When it comes to websites, I’ve experimented with many different options. Back in 2012 when I started my own boot camp in Upper Manhattan, I spent at least 10 hours a day learning how to build my own website.

I got really good really fast and it was all thanks to a bad incident when I tried hiring a Web Designer.

How I built my first website

When I first looked into getting a website done, I went through a friend at the time that recommended a guy he know who was supposedly the greatest thing since sliced bread. The designer and I met up and I thought he was going to hook me up and help me create something special.

So $1,000 investment went to my site with the hopes of having something amazing that would put me at a competitive advantage and get me a steady stream of clients.

As the deadline approached I heard nothing from him, and after the deadline passed there was still no word from him.

So I followed up, and kept getting excuses every time. It got so bad that I eventually told him I’d have to take legal action because he didn’t fill his end of the bargain.

Long story short, I would’ve been better off doing it myself, and that was exactly what I did.

The web building methods I used

I tried Weebly, I tried WordPress, I even tried manually coding. I can say honestly that a WordPress site is the best and most flexible for use.

The pro’s to a WordPress site is that it really does allow for more control in terms of design and functionality.

Unless you’re a skilled manual coder to build your own website by yourself (which can take years to master), WordPress should be your main focus in terms of building your own website to suit your Personal Training needs.

What are your Personal Training needs?

I’ve been asked this question a few times from other Trainers after they’ve seen my website and are curious how I made it happen. Most are amazed I designed the site myself and made the graphic displays by hand using my computer.

Before you start building your site, you have to first understand what your objective is with it. Are you trying to advertise yourself? Are you trying to sell Personal Training DVD’s? Do you want to have a blog or vlog (video blog) series?

Planning is important

First make a list of exactly what you want on your website and make a layout of how you want things to look.

This won’t be how it’s going to look in the end.

Keep in mind that if you’re first building your own site by yourself, the knowledge you’ll have will be limited and trying to get the hang of everything will be very stressful at first, but will be worth it in the end.

Once you’ve figured out your intended purpose you can then start coding away at your design.

Registering your domain via a web domain service is simple and buying hosting to store the data on shouldn’t take more than a day. You can find YouTube videos on how to do this stuff.

Stay authentic to your brand

fitness website design_2I mention this in my next post ‘PT How To series – You are your own business!’

Keep in mind when designing your site how it reflects your brand. Is it going to look high end that would attract clients that buy Ferrarris? Or is it a brand that’s going to get clients that shop at your local 99 cents store? Do you want your website to have a modern look or a rustic look? Is your site intended to appeal to men or women or both?

Building you website

When you’re building your site and depending on what web builder platform you’ll use (once again I recommend you look at WordPress), consider the color schemes and aesthetics of your site as well.

Color schemes and design are just as important as the functionality of your site. 

Buy a high end theme and read the manual on it. Some themes are super complicated and if you don’t read a manual before playing with it, you’ll become frustrated and angry with the experience – I know because it happened to me!

Be mobile ready

When you build a site, I’d highly recommend to design your site with the thought that your visitors will be coming from mobile devices too.

I run analytics on my sites and I was surprised by how many people visit my site from their cell phone so don’t neglect this key component when designing a site for your Personal Training needs.

Sign off

I know these are a lot of things to think about, but when you narrow down your focus and build your website with your clients in mind and your vision, it becomes a lot easier to have answers to the questions I mentioned above.

Don’t forget to like this post, comment, and please share with other Personal Trainers so they can build a website that’s eye-catching and sexy.

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