Whether you’re ready for new ways to keep your workouts fresh or just love keeping up on any and all trends, 2017 is going to be a great year. The fitness trends coming in 2017 are creative, fun, inspirational and, most importantly, effective.

So what are the merging fitness trends in 2017? Lets take a look at what is shaping up to get you in shape next year…


Back to Basics

I know I’m not alone in thinking, ‘thank goodness!’ with this trend. Gone are the days of gimmicky, far-fetched fitness ideas. It’s time to say hello to the basic fundamentals that make fitness functional.

Functional fitness is the kind of fitness that improves your body’s overall movement patterns which obtains real results. Another awesome perk to this type of training is that you often use zero, or very minimal, equipment. So you can get fit anywhere!

Take it outside

Speaking of getting fit anywhere… there are tons of perks to taking your workout outdoors!

Talk about amping up your feel-good endorphins, increasing your Vitamin D exposure, and increasing motivation to work both harder and longer – an outdoor workout will do all of the above.

A 2017 fitness trend will be the rise of not just outdoor boot camps and obstacle course runs, but adult playgrounds!

Some have termed these playgrounds ‘Playparks,’ but whatever you want to call them, they are coming. Think of your local park with an adult playground including fitness benches, pull-up bars, stairs / ladders, etc. Maybe you’ve seen these around, but more will be popping up for your fitness convenience.

More Tech

Wearable technology (i.e. your FitBit, Apple Watch or Garmin) has made a rise to the top over the last couple years and this trend isn’t going anywhere.

fitness trends 2017

The increased awareness and motivation that stems from knowing your steps logged, calories burnt, and heart rate range throughout a workout gives true mental power – which means more tech gadgets with increased functionality are on the way. Not to mention gyms and studios have embraced this trend by installing TVs that sync with the heart rate monitors of participants so they can see just how hard they are working – and add a sense of friendly competition.

There are also great apps like the one here at WatchFit delivering effective plans, information and instruction direct to your smart devices. Be on the lookout for more of this!

Aerobics: Refreshed

Dance classes have been on the rise and will continue to trend upwards, but a fresh take on aerobics is an up and coming fitness trend for 2017.

We love working out to motivational music, burning lots of calories by effectively moving our entire body through cardio and strength movements and being amongst our peers to motivate us, right? Oh, and some badass moves alongside a loud and proud mentality? That’s what the new and improved aerobics classes will bring.

Educated & Experienced Fitness Professionals

This fitness trend is one that is stemming from increased awareness and desire to improve our health on all levels. Fitness-goers are well aware that working out with poor form leads to injury, that there are ways to work smarter (not always harder) for results, and that accountability and simple guidance of an effective plan are crucial to keep motivation high, boredom at bay and results coming.

Having a professional that truly knows what they are talking about and how to guide you effectively is an invaluable tool and a fitness trend that will steamroll into 2017.

What 2017 fitness trend are you most excited about? What will get you motivated and eager to improve your fitness day after day?

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