With the Christmas season now fully upon us, two inevitable problems are guaranteed to occur – a financial crisis and weight gain.

I’m not trying to be negative at this wonderful time of year, but these are two natural and annual byproducts of the festive season and things we need to keep in mind if we are to limit the ‘damage’.

I don’t have much experience in accounting, so it’s just as well I am here to help with that second problem.


What are the best fitness hacks that you can do this Christmas to keep you from gaining unwanted weight?

Lets have a look…

1. Speed shopping

Everyone has got a long list of things they want you to get them for Christmas, and it can take hours to go out and buy all these things.

Don’t walk down the halls like everyone else, give it a little jog.

At least walk with a good pacey stride.

Try to go at a speed where you won’t be bumping into other people but get to each shop faster and your shopping done sooner. Maybe this will free up some time for a quick workout.

2. Don’t turn that ignition key!

Leave the car at home and use a shopping cart, or better yet a basket, to carry around all the gifts that you’ve bought.

Getting in that extra walk or run to and from the mall, although may not be that much in a single trip, it adds up.

If you make one trip and get all your shopping done at once you are doing better than me, but you probably are going to take several trips. Over the many times you take a trip to the mall this will add up.

3. Workout before you eat

By burning out your muscles before you eat means that calories consumed will be used more for muscle repair than for storing fat.

This is the ultimate (and only effective) way to cheat on your diet.

4. Fill your plate with vegetables first

fitness hacks_2In most families when a big dinner is hosted, each person grabs a plate and goes around a table containing all the food and fills their plates.

Start at the area with all the vegetables and fill your plate as much as you can so there is less room for the calorie dense foods.

You may want to ask the person preparing the meal to make extra veggies beforehand. This is a great way to keep your calories low and nutrition high.

5. Bonding over fitness

Everyone wants to get more family time during the Christmas season, why not go to a group fitness class with your family, or prepare your own family fitness event?

This is a great way to keep everyone healthy during this time of the year. Make it an annual tradition and fight all the extra calories that tend to pop up during this season.

That’s it for my top 5 fitness hacks for the Christmas Season. I hope it helps you and your family stay fit and healthy. 

Happy and Healthy Christmas to you all!

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