NEWS FLASH: Your living room is your new gym!

This January, over 250,000 of us in the UK decided to join a gym, and it is anticipated that less than 25% of these people will still be using their memberships in August.

We are wasting time and money.


My mission is to get the nation exercising anywhere, anytime and with positive results.

In this article I have picked my TOP 6 exercises to do at home.

Each exercise provides a unique benefit to you and your body and I guarantee if you add them into your daily routine you will see the benefits almost immediately.

The surge in home exercise programs such as ‘Insanity’ and ‘P90X’ have proven that results can be achieved without the need to spend hundreds of £££’s on gym memberships, and it is my firm belief that over the next 5 years we will continue to see a significant rise in the popularity of home fitness plans.

The downside to the above mentioned programs is that they are designed for fast results and require maximum effort every day, which for most of us just isn’t feasible.

Any one who has tried these will appreciate the crucifying pain that Mr Insanity (Shaun T) can inflict on you within minutes!

My chosen exercises have a common theme.

They are suitable for all fitness levels

They are low impact on joints and muscles

They require no equipment (except a chair!)

We are using our own bodyweight as our resistance and therefore getting the same results as you would with a traditional weights exercise – with far less risk of injury!

It is important to remember that our bodies are FANTASTIC at adapting.

When doing resistance exercises that challenge our muscles in this way we are actively encouraging our body to excrete fat and tone up our muscles so that it can adapt for a repeat in the future.

With the exercises I have chosen you are able to simply and safely increase the challenge level by changing your body position or adding repetitions.

This means you continue to excrete body fat and tone up.

Give my exercises a try and see for yourself.

6 best fitness exercises to do at home

Complete 20 x Repetitions of each

For best results these exercises should be performed SLOWLY and with PERFECT POSTURE.

The 6 best fitness exercises to do at home_2

1: Traditional Squat 


Stand tall with feet at hip width and slowly lower body down into squat position.

Keep weight in your heels throughout.

To increase intensity hold for 3-4 secs at bottom.

2: Rotation Plank 


With both hands on chair and feet at shoulder width slowly rotate one hand up towards ceiling.

Maintain strong tummy muscles and posture throughout.

To add intensity perform with hands on floor.

3: Lunge and Reach 


Stand with one foot forward in a lunge position and slowly lower back knee towards floor using buttocks and thighs.

Tighten tummy muscles as you raise both arms in the air.

To add intensity hold for 3-4 secs at bottom.

4. Triceps Dips 


Position hands at shoulder width on chair and slowly bend your elbows to lower body towards floor.

Maintain tall posture throughout and do not let shoulders shrug (usually occurs if going too low)

To increase intensity straighten your legs out.

5. Downward dog 


With both feet and hands at shoulder width raise buttocks into air and stretch back of thighs

Tighten tummy muscles to maintain this posture

To increase intensity lift one leg off floor and pull heel back up towards ceiling.

6. Plank and knee drive 


With hands positoned at shoulder width on chair slowly pull one knee across body towards opposite elbow

Maintain posture by pulling in tummy muscles throughout.

To increase intensity add a press up in between each movement.

Aim to complete all exercises in one session (approx 10 mins) and repeat 3-4 times per week.

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