Tired of the same old workout?  As we wind down this year, and look toward 2015 it’s time to refresh your current movement practice.

Below are five exercise classes to try this year…

…some new, and some not so new – yet each will test you in a different way.


Trapeze classes – ever wanted to join the circus?  Here’s your chance.  Acrobatics schools are popping up everywhere.  The trapeze is a great core, and upper body workout – it’s also good for learning body awareness, timing and trust.  Plus, who doesn’t want to fly??

SUP Yoga – SUP= stand up paddle board.  Yes, you read that right.  Yoga on a stand up paddle board.  As in, yoga on a skinny board in the middle of water (be it a lake or the ocean, perhaps a large puddle…).  This will test your balance and core strength for sure.  And, can you imagine a better way to relax into shavasana than being lulled into it by mother nature? (http://wasupyoga.com/)

Outdoor Bootcamp – This one isn’t new, but most outdoor bootcamps are ever-changing.  And that’s a good thing. The outdoor camps typically incorporate surroundings (park benches, stairs,  picnic tables, etc), as well as your body weight for exercises.  In addition, nature is your soundtrack.  Can you think of a better way to start the day??  Get a gym like body, without having to step foot indoors.

5 fun and innovative fitness classes to try in 2015-02

Boxing – Again, not new but an excellent way to mix up your routine.  If you’ve hit a plateau and want to take your workout to the next level, boxing is a great option.  This is a full body workout that will have your sore in places you never knew existed.  Test a few gyms, and find a trainer that you love.  The right trainer can make all the difference.

Barre – There are several versions of Barre these days:  Pure Barre (http://purebarre.com), and Barre3 (http://www.barre3.com) and I’m sure others.  Barre is a hybrid of yoga, pilates and ballet.  If that freaks you out – don’t let it.

Coming from someone that has no coordination – this is an awesome workout – no previous dance experience required.  Barre will have you quaking in no time flat and sculpt your body in ways you never thought possible.  I lost my last bit of baby weight with this class as well as improved some of my race times with strength gained at the Barre.  Check a class out today!

There are a plethora of ways to get in shape.  Choose one that you love, and works with your schedule.  Mix it up as often as you an.  If you have a fitness challenge you’d like support in achieving this year join the MoveMeant Challenge (http://www.bethcline.com/movemeant/) .

Move.  you are meant to.

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