First of all the answer to the question is, YES fitness classes are enough for you to lose weight. So now the why?

First off losing weight is not some magical thing, in its most basic terms weight loss is attributed to doing more and eating less. As long as you’re burning more calories than you body needs, basically you will lose weight (there’s a little more to it obviously). This can be achieved many ways in a healthy manner. Now that part is out of the way, here comes the real why?

In my experience over the years of helping clients and the general public lose weight, class workouts have been one of my go to tools to get people results. In class settings I can energise the room, get people out of their comfort zones, I can coach one person or the group, I can even make everyone enjoy what and I have been told by gym goers is “a complete nightmare situation” of a class and have everyone laughing by the end of the class.


Why is this important? Well its important because to get anybody working at their maximum intensity for a prolonged period of time will burn more calories than pottering about the gym for a few hours chatting with people lifting without proper form or adequate weight (obviously this does not apply to everyone).

Classes and weightloss

Burning maximum calories in that short time period structured the right way can have all sorts of benefits for the people attending classes and depending on the class and their goals there can be much more to it than just simple weight loss.

Not only that but interacting in this setting, where there could be  30 people, benefits you because do you want to be the worst performer in the class? Of course you don’t so you try harder.

Maybe its your first time in a gym and this is the first class. How I envy that person and the wealth of knowledge they can learn from a qualified instructor and people who have been attending and want to help you achieve your best too.

In case you haven’t guessed by now I myself am a class instructor. I teach different classes every week. I have the Drill Sergeant persona (most of the time) and people genuinely make noises and groan about it when I show up to take a class, not because the class is poor or they don’t like me, but because they know they are in for the toughest workout of the day!

fitness classes to lose weight_2

What gets me is the results I see before my eyes. I play the Drill Sergeant because the people attending want results and I will make sure they get them and that means working them hard!

Nothing comes easy in life and everyone doing the classes knows this but when at the end of the day I have a room full of people losing weight week on week, enjoying each others company (usually moaning about how hard I am on them), going for workouts together due to their new found confidence – then that’s what it’s all about.

Classes take on more than just the form of a workout

Classes done properly deal with the social aspects as well as the physical, this is why it is my greatest go-to-tool when trying to help people lose weight. The community and reputation I built as an instructor goes far beyond the class and the gym for that matter.

Some people will always say “that class isn’t for me”,  so why not try my cycle, combat, circuit, abs, fat burn, pump, boxing, kettlebell, bootcamp, 24, functional, build, tone, step, mma, Les Mills Grit or any other class I teach?

To finish off and just put a little more perspective on why classes are enough; one of my regular attendees in her late 50s came to my cycle class to help regain her leg strength and lose weight after serious injury.

After a few months she saw I had other classes and asked about them. I asked her to come along a try out some different ones and reassured her she would be fit and able to take part. Even if she couldn’t do everything, I had loads she could do.

Now she attends not just mine but various instructors classes. Her leg strength came back and she lost weight. All she did was go to the classes and get the support of others including the other attendees. She still attends my classes and now and then will even play some of her favourite songs that she told me she secretly loves and hates in equal parts.

In her words, “You might be the type of guy that tears the legs of spiders one by one, but by god does it work!”

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