World renown fitness trainer Joey Bull is delivering free online workouts to keep heart rates and spirits up, even if people can’t get to their gym as coronavirus spreads and restrictions are increasingly imposed.

Joey Bull is a four times UK Fitness Champion, former international Adventure Racer, an author, presenter and media personality. She is holding free live online classes each day, allowing people her full expertise, attention and encouragement while they stay at home.

Free Isolation Busting Workouts

Whether people are self-isolating out of necessity or reducing travel and social contact, there is no doubt that the landscape of public places is changing radically, and this is likely to increasingly include gyms, sports clubs and leisure centres.

“I have been running online workouts for my international clients for quite a while and it is perfect when geography provides an obstacle. But now geography is not the only issue and this service is just as relevant for anyone and everyone, even if they are just down the road”, said Joey.


“Now more than ever it is vital to stay as active and fit as possible”.

“Whether you’re young, old, an exercise novice or experienced, our bodies need to be as resilient, hardy and fortified as possible. Shutting down physically has a quickly debilitating effect and that just cannot be a choice right now.

We have to follow the scientific and medical guidelines of reduced social interaction and proximity as well as washing our hands thoroughly and consistently throughout the day, and we must keep moving and stay active. And we can do plenty of that even if you are stuck at home and don’t have exercise equipment!

Exercise is not just good for the heart and whole body but for the mind too, It plays a huge part in managing our stress response and releasing feelgood hormones, and we’re certainly going to be needing as many of those as possible over the next few months. However you do it, keep moving, this is definitely no time to be inactive and sedentary!”


Broadcasting Daily Free Classes

From her new purpose-built exercise and dance studio on the west coast of Wales, Joey runs one-to-one interactive workouts for PT clients as well as sessions for pairs, couples and families. She has now made significant further broadcasting tech investment to deliver free daily workouts for people wherever they are – particularly those in lockdown and isolation.

“These are unusual and very difficult times and we are all going to have to improvise and rethink our daily routines. And it currently looks like things will get worse before they get better, so I’m going to do all I can to help people stay fit and mobilised whilst also being available for general advice and support. Apart from the free daily free online workouts, I will also be reducing my rates throughout March and April, and giving a free PT session for every sign-up”.

Set up and participation in Joey’s free online workouts is simple. Visit & contact her through for details.

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