Actually that’s not strictly true, and later on when you have forgotten I’ve said that, I will tell you why…

In the meantime, everyone needs a fitness buddyThe question is, what makes the perfect fitness companion?

Well, the best way to look at your choice of comrade for the gym, or fitness class, is to first of all decide what kind of a person you want to spend time with in the first place.


The fitness industry has now evolved so much, that going to the gym with a friend is tantamount to going for a coffee with them.
So with that in mind, think about who you would enjoy going for a coffee with and apply the same rules. For me it’s a no brainer…

In any social situation, I need a friend who falls into the following criteria.

1. They have plenty in common with me. I like people who are on my wavelength, I like to talk to them about things that interest me, and I like them to be able to interact with me.

2. They have to be able to talk. I hate having to be the one that does all the work. I like my companions to be able to converse freely and comfortably.

3. They have to be able to listen. If I’ve got something to get off my chest, that’s not a barbell, I would like them to be able to listen and respond. Nobody likes a friend that butts in half way through your story to trump it with one of their  own.

4. They need to be as interested as I am in what we are doing. Ever went to the cinema with a friend that really doesn’t want to see the film? If so you will know how infuriating that can be. Even if it’s the best film of the year, a sour faced friend will spoil that experience.

So with the gym the new social outing, you have to have a buddy that loves it as much as you do. If not, the partnership will not last. Trust me, as an instructor I see it all the time.

Friends at Gym

fitness buddy_2
Friends arrive together for the first few sessions but eventually things start to crop up and the friend starts to make excuses for not attending that night.

It’s so frustrating as you really want to go, but the feeble excuses start to really annoy you, and before you know it, you are at the back of the Zumba class on your own, seething that your fitness buddy couldn’t make it as “I’ve just had my nails done, and I can’t make class in case I chip them.”

That’s why choosing the correct person is really important

Do you really need a gym buddy?

Now really, the perfect answer is to get used to attending in your own. Ask yourself if you really need a gym buddy. People that go to the gym or their classes on their own, never have to rely on anyone else for that experience.

I know that it can be daunting attending a new session, solo, but those of you that can do that, will find your attendance record greatly improves over the course of the year. Make your own way there, and your own way back at times that suit you and you will find you rarely miss a session.

If you start the session on your own, it won’t be long before you make friends as you go. The regular attendees at the gym will become your gym buddies and you won’t have to worry about picking them up or dropping them off.

So next time you are thinking of getting to a class, don’t automatically try to find someone to go with, go on your own, make it your time and terms and pick up friends at the session when you are there. Then call your friend when you’re finished, and make plans for a coffee. You can tell them all about the gym, but just hope they don’t decide they want to come with you next time.

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