A bootcamp is generally an outdoor fitness class instructed by a qualified personal trainer. Minimal (if any) equipment and no coordination required like with so many aerobic type classes. These workouts are intense, fast-paced involving high intensity training with minimal rest periods. Research proves time and time again that High Intensity Interval Training is superior to long duration steady state type of exercise.

The exercises include the big compound bodyweight movements like squats, lunges and push-ups. These resistance exercises are interspersed with cardio like boxing, sprints and field runs. Abdominal crunches are often thrown in for good measure and planks for additional core strength training.

Fitness Bootcamp classes are normally conducted in a military style fashion (the best kind of Boot Camp) where you are pushed beyond your mental limitation. Think GI Jane! Yes, I said mental limitation because your mind gives up on you way before your body does. I love this type of training and quite enjoy teaching bootcamps on occasion.


Bootcamp style training is fantastic and I highly recommend it for the average person, needing a fitness kick-start to increase cardiovascular health, strength, endurance and even fat loss (depending on diet). I’d also recommend bootcamp for someone who simply wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle and enjoys outdoor activities.

Fitness bootcamp training is not for you if you are lazy or are seriously overweight

I say lazy because it’s often confused with inability or lack of fitness. Both of which are simply excuses hindering your progress to achieve your goals. If you are seriously overweight E.g.: can’t tie your shoelaces or see your toes while standing up straight, the military style Boot Camp training will be too strenuous and injury prone for you. Bootcamp Trainers need to ensure the pace of the session is challenging for everyone including the fittest within the group.

Unfortunately, you will constantly be left behind which can be rather demotivating and nobody needs that when embarking on a weight loss journey!

fitness bootcamp benefits

5 Main benefits attending a fitness bootcamp

1. Bootcamps offer an intense full body workout utilising all challenging your muscles at every session. This in conjunction with being in constant motion throughout the session maximizes calorie burn and allows for fat loss (if on the correct diet).

2. Routine! Doing at least 2-3 classes a week gets you into the routine of living a healthier lifestyle. I’ve noticed that the more frequent my clients train the more focussed they are. It is also less likely that they deviate from their diets, this obviously skyrockets there results.

3. Noticeable improvement over time of your level of fitness is a confidence booster. If you stick to your bootcamp classes and give it your all every single workout, you will without a doubt see improvements in strength, endurance, and cardiovascular activity. This increase in self-confidence is priceless and gets carried over into other aspects of your life.

4. Outdoor bootcamps offers the additional benefits of nature. The therapeutic beauty of nature in itself has a calming and an uplifting effect. The connection with the earth’s energy has healing effects, more powerful for health and well-being than what most people realise. If you are fortunate to be located in a sunny climate you also have the additional benefits of naturally topping up your Vitamin D being exposed to sunlight.

5. Group training aspect of Boot Camps provides a positive encouraging environment of like minded people with common goals. Commonality between people is always a great start for building lifelong friendships or relationships. Getting fit is easier when you are having fun and I would say having a support system is an absolute necessity to ensure your success.

I always advise people to try new things to maintain an active healthy lifestyle so why not give fitness bootcamp a go? You never know, you may just love it and that will be a game changer!

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