Congratulations on your decision to start exercising!

You are beginning a wonderful phase on the journey to improve your overall health and wellness.  The path may be littered with bumps in the road but you will surprise yourself along the way.

To start out you need to be clear why you’re on this path

Is it under a doctor’s instruction to exercise as part of a therapy program for a medical condition? Are you exercising to keep a friend or family member company while they workout?

Or is your reason more towards the vanity side – to look good in a dress, to fit into that bikini, to pick up a date?

Whatever your reasoning is, be sure it’s something achievable and share your goals with someone.

Your reasons may change as you go along, but this is completely normal

Keeping your goals in mind, where, what, and when are all intertwined when it comes to working out.  What time of day is best to workout?

Whenever you will actually do it! There are several things you’ll need to consider when determining the where, what and when. Here are just a few…

Joining a gym

– You’ll usually be paying a monthly fee whether or not you actually show up each month.

– You can workout alone, with your partner(s) or join a group class.

– Working out alone or with a partner you’ll need to have a plan (with alternates in case someone else is using the equipment) each time before you go.

– You can workout before work, during your lunch hour or after work.

– You’ll have access to a variety of equipment but be sure you know how to use each piece to avoid injury.

Working out at home (or your friend’s house)

fitness basics_2

– You’ll be limited on the equipment available for use (but can experiment with furniture around the house).

– You can workout before or after work.

– There’s a wide variety of DVD and online programs you can watch or stream for your workouts.

– If your friend (or someone else in their house is sick) you might not be able to get your workouts in.

– It doesn’t matter what you wear to workout in your own home!

Walking or running outdoors

– Weather plays into your schedule.

– You’ll need to have an indoor backup plan when it’s not a good idea to be outdoors.

– Safety first: plan your paths ahead of time, let someone know where you’re going and when you should return, pay attention to traffic, have a personal safety device, etc.

Who is in your support network for this journey?

Three main groups of support are family and friends, accountability partners, and personal trainers.

Family & Friends:  These will be most of your cheerleaders.  Whenever you hit milestones they will congratulate you.  They will compliment you as they see the changes you’ve made.

Accountability Partners:  These are the people working out alongside you (physically or virtually).  You help each other get your workouts in.  Sometimes there is friendly competition to reach mutual goals.  You help each other keep your ‘why’ in mind to hit those milestones.

Personal Trainers:  These are people you pay to guide you on the path to achieve your goals.  They have gone through qualification programmes and are certified to evaluate where you are now, give you a plan to achieve your goals, and work with you to reach milestones along the way.

Now that you’ve explored your options for starting a fitness routine, in future articles we’ll look at how to choose the right one for you.

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