Most people look at working out as a physical activity, which of course it is. But setting fitness goals, arranging the time to accomplish them and following through successfully is much more than a task for your body alone.

Psychological components of fitness

If you really look at what it takes to set a workout and nutrition routine in motion, you will come to realize that the psychological component of fitness may even override the physical.


It is attitude that changes the outcome of a goal and fitness attitudes are no different.

So you may ask, “how do I get my mind set with the right attitude?” Let’s look at some simple steps in the process.

Step One – Set your goal

Make your goals realistic and set solid short term targets along the way.

I am a big advocate of achieving what many people would say is impossible. I am a bodybuilder with MS and did receive the first ever Health Advocate Lifetime Achievement Award from Arnold this year when I was told by doctors that MS would make me wheelchair bound!

But I still had short term goals in my journey that lead me to this place years later – I did not sprint to the finish line.

I looked at this journey as a marathon that would take time, determination and the ability to never give up. It’s great to have your mind set on becoming a champion bodybuilder, fitness model or whatever your final destination is.

If you are already at the competition level, that goal may actually be one of your short term ones. But if you are just starting out, that goal is long term and will take much time and effort to realize.

It’s the shorter term interim aims that set you up to achieve what you are dreaming of.

Each goal gets you closer to the ultimate one…one step at a time.

Step Two – Shake off the negativity

fitness attitudes_2

Never take negative comments or people’s opinions to heart. It’s unfortunate but many people find pleasure in knocking down another person’s dream. So be prepared for the naysayers as you strive to reach yours.

Let the negative fuel the positive to achieve greatness.

It may be hard to hear these comments but if you turn them into fuel for your positive thoughts and motivation to reach your goal, you will prove the adversaries wrong.

I heard comments like, “you’re crazy to try and compete in a bodybuilding contest with MS“, “you’re too old for that“, and “you’re going to make your MS worse“.

I let these words act as gasoline on my fire to succeed!

Step Three – Don’t give up

Never quit. When things get tough along the road to your dream, it can be tempting to give in and give up. Making it to your interim and long term goals is not easy or everyone would be victorious in all things.

You will need a strong mind, attitude and will to win.

I had many days and even weeks when my MS symptoms were so bad I didn’t even want to get out of bed let alone train in the gym. But I kept telling myself if I quit now I will never accomplish what I set out to.

The glory of victory is much more rewarding than the feeling of defeat…believe me!

Step Four – Give yourself positive affirmations daily

This may sound crazy but if you look in the mirror and tell yourself you are worthy of achieving your goals, you will be.

Each day, tell yourself you can do this. You are strong enough to accomplish anything you set your mind to. Look yourself right in the eye and say, “there is no reason to quit or fail“.

And lastly…

Step Five – Know in your heart that fitness is a lifestyle and not just a quick 30 day routine to the finish line

Once you acknowledge that every day you must make fitness part of your life, just like brushing your teeth, you will embrace this lifestyle and benefit hugely.

Your goals will be more easily achieved and your attitude will be right on track.

Attitude and fitness go hand in hand. Chose the right attitude and you will certainly accomplish your fitness dreams!

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