Joey Bull’s training advice, expertise, motivation and inspiration has had great positive impact on thousands of people all around the world. Here she offers her top fitness and health tips to WatchFit readers.

The festive season is upon us!

It is hard to believe we are already well into December. For so long the festive season is such a distant proposition and then all of a sudden it is right on top of us!


And for most of us this means wonderfully tempting foods in far greater quantities and frequencies than normal.

Everybody’s house we visit suddenly becomes an arsenal dubiously beneficial delights, many meetings become an excuse for ‘”a quick something as it’s Christmas”, there are parties and gatherings, even Carol Services aren’t safe as they often come complete with mince pies and mulled wine.

And then there is your own household which is probably bulging with seasonal treats too.

It is all so hard to avoid that I’m not sure we should even try!

So I suggest you should just enjoy the season as much as possible but be mindful of certain facts, hints and tips that will help keep your energy levels up, will go some way to keeping the fat deposits and weight gain at bay, and will help you springboard into the new year and quickly become a newly invigorated and toned self!

Some general training hints and tips that will serve you well:

If shedding fat is the aim, find time in the morning before breakfast to do your training. Working out after ‘fasting’ does put more demand on the fat cells. However there’ll be no Personal Best in terms of power or speed so don’t worry about that!

Eating regularly keeps the metabolism up to speed. Obviously the food choices need to be natural and wholesome ones. Three meals and two snacks.

Sugar is our enemy in many ways. After other detrimental processes it eats away at muscle. If muscle tone is your goal cut out sugar and refined foods.

Tired of same old sports drinks? Exchange them for coconut water – nature’s answer to replacing electrolytes after excessive perspiration.

Vary sources of protein. Have a go with vegetable proteins and consider edamame beans, chick peas, lentils, ground nuts to add to texture and also hemp.

Curtseys are a great variation on a lunge, they hit the outer glute and make for good shaping around the backside.

fitness and health tips_2They also get to work quite quickly, done properly – with hips facing forward, one leg crossed behind the other, back up right and weight on the front foot…Hits all the spots.

Short explosive training. The session is quick, recovery is quick, metabolism is raised longer than an endurance workout and I’m sure the feelgood factor is stronger too.

Another advantage is you don’t seem to crave carbs afterwards as with endurance workouts. After a good warm up, find your local hill and use it for 20-30 second sprints a few times. You’ll know when you’ve had enough and you’ll be home sooner and fitter than before!

So keep these fitness and health tips in mind whenever you want to give yourself a healthy prompt, they will keep you in good order!

Now go and have a wonderful Christmas!

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