I think for the majority of us we can agree that this time of year brings its challenges, too much money spent on presents, too much food eaten, too much drink consumed.

For the most part people will also start to falter on their training programs but I have the solution – “The Fitness Advent Calendar!

25 days of exercise that can be done anytime or anywhere, open it up and have your fitness treat for the day. Go on, it will be good for your mind body and soul!


Your Fitness Advent Calendar…

1 min jumping squats – squat down as deep as possible and explode as high as possible.
25 asymmetric pushups – one hand forward one hand back from normal push up position then switch hand positions.
48 walking lunges – big step forward make sure your knee touches the ground drive straight into the next step.
25 frog jumps – nice wide stance, squat down deep and explode into the air firing your arms up like a frog would!
20 bunny jumps – keep your feet together squat down and jump as high as you can keeping those feet together.
2 mins of mountain climbers – adopt the prone plank position then drive your knees one at a time in.
2 mins plank – assume the plank position nice tight position bum down straight back.
50 stomach vacuums – pull in your abdominal muscles hold tight for 10 seconds then repeat.
20 push ups – normal push ups keep your body in a nice straight line.
25 star jumps – big jumps raising your hands at the same time.
100 squat pulses – squat till your legs are at a 90 degree position then slowly move slightly up and back down again.
15 x 8s – 8 high knee runs into 8 mountain climbers.

fitness advent calendar_2

100 squats – squat down as deep as possible then return to standing.
20 explosive push ups – same as normal push ups but this time make sure your hands leave the ground.
1 min of jumping lunges – same as walking lunges but this time on the spot and you jump up using your arms for momentum help.
30 x – mountain climbers – same as mountain climbers except this time we drive our knee to the opposite elbow.
20 double crunches – make sure you sit up while bringing your knees back towards your hands.
20 inch worm hand workouts – from a standing position drop your hands to the floor and use them to walk yourself out till your body is in the prone plank position, then return to standing.
1 min high knees – chest up drive your knees high use your arms to help drive go as fast as you can.
50 diamonds in the sky – lie flat on your back create a diamond with your hands now sit up fully and reach as high as you can with your hands.
24 side lunges – keep your core tight and step to the side as far as you can into the lunge then stand back and go to the other side.
12 tricep pushups – keep your arms close to your side and push up utilising your triceps.
20 burpees – squat down put your hands on the floor kick your legs back into a prone position then explode up into a jump.
30 bicycles – lying on your back bring your opposite elbow across to your opposite knee as you sit up.
100 lunge squat lunges – left foot lunge to squat to right foot lunge to squat to left foot lunge to squat you get the idea.

And the beauty of this Fitness Advent Calendar is that you can reuse it to your hearts content!

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Happy New Year!

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