The first step before actually walking through the gym door is to figure out what to wear. And that, ladies, can be a real struggle!

 Not only does your outfit have to be adequate for your type of workout, but it also has to be comfortable and fashionable. Yes you heard me right; the new trend is to look amazing in your workout clothes!

Indeed, it is no small matter: your clothing can make a lot of difference in the way you workout. Imagine if your leggings are restricting your movements, you will have loads of difficulties, and you will definitely not be in the right mood to come back.


However, if your outfit makes you feel more confident; and makes you feel beautiful; you will definitely feel like your workout is effective and you are more likely to return with confidence.

So how do you pick the right outfit to tick all those boxes?

Here are a few things to look out for to find the workout outfits that will fit you the most:

1.    Choosing the right material

One of the first mistakes people make when choosing their outfits is to go for a basic cotton t-shirt. Yes it is comfortable, but if you are planning on breaking a sweat, it will quickly become your worst nightmare.

For example, if you are running, your sweat will stick to your skin either preventing your body from cooling down in a warm weather, or keeping you cold during winter.

For a good workout session, the best option is to wear materials which were specifically made to draw the sweat away from your skin, such as polyester or lycra.  For example, this Old Navy tank top is not only cute and comfortable, but it is also 100% polyester. You can also check out this motivational tank top by H&M’s active wear line; perfect for a session at the gym, an outdoor run or a yoga class.



2.    A great sports bra is essential

A sports bra should be one of the most important items in a woman’s gym bag. Indeed, not having enough chest support can have important detrimental effects on your body, going from pain to damage to the breast structure, which can then lead to breast sagging.

So what exactly to look for? You have to look for a sports bra that will reduce the movements of your breast, which will help preserve their structure.

Susan Sokolowski, senior innovation manager for Nike explained that the support in a sports bra comes from three different points: the straps, the cups and the band.

-The more stretchy the straps, the less control it will offer; so look out for tight straps or ones that can be adjusted.

-Same principle with the cups; the more stretchy they are, the less it is likely to support your breast. It is also important to ensure that it holds the whole breast; if not, try a larger size.

-For the bands there is two things to check: if you can stretch the band more than an inch away from your body or if it moves when you put your hands up. Those two are signs that this bra is either too big for you or simply not of a good quality.


Here are some examples of sports bra that tick all of these boxes!

-An example of a sports bra by Reebok, designed for a high-impact workout session; and which offers all the comfort needed

– Designed for a low-impact workout, this plain black sports bra by Lululemon offers all the support you need in a fashionable item

3.    Leggings for happy legs.

In itself, finding leggings is an easy task: they are in most of the high-street clothing shops, and they come in every colour and prices. However, finding a great legging for your workout is not such an easy business and there are a lot of criteria to take in account.

Indeed, running leggings are not just simple leggings; they are an essential element of your outfit that can do a lot for you, while you are busy working out.

While there are various criteria depending on what you are looking for, there are two that are absolutely essential:

-Firstly, opting for a wicking material (such as Lycra and polyester as mentioned above), will allow you to stay dry during your effort

-Secondly, it is a good thing to start looking for compression leggings: not only will they help avoid injuries by preventing muscle movements, but they will also help your blood flow.

Other criteria depends more on what you like and what you are looking for; for example the length of the legs, pockets, thick waistband, reflective panels, etc.

Personally I’d recommend this simple yet stylish all black leggings by Alala ; or those leggings by Forever 21  perfect if you are looking for a more colourful design.

4.    Do not undermine the importance of your trainers.

Like leggings, there are thousands of types of trainers, some which are definitely not designed to be use for a workout.

Finding the right workout outfits

The first step to choose a pair of trainers is to know your feet, and by that I mean, know what type of feet you have – i.e. you can have flat or underpronate feet.

Secondly you have to pay attention to a few details when trying on a pair of trainers:

-The space between your toes and the shoe: it has to be about the width of your thumb, no more than that

-The space for your heels: they should not be able to move too much, without being compressed

-The space above your toes: it has to be big enough for you to have the ability to wiggle your toes. If you cannot, either the size you chose is too small, or this type of shoes does not fit with your type of feet.

Even if your shoes tick all of the boxes above, there is one last step before actually buying them: you have to ensure if those trainers suit your needs and the type of workouts you are planning on using them for.

For example, if you are a runner, you should be looking for a pair of trainers that can absorb shocks and has enough control over the heel.

Now you have everything to get. ready with the most adequate yet stylish outfit for your next workout session!

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