Yesterday, in Part 1 Davide told the story of a client’s incredible progress after they found their true motivation which allowed them focus fully on their goal.

Have you still not found your true motivation? You could!

In this next part of the article, Davide has provided a series of questions which could help you take ahold of your motivation and use it to your advantage!


Find your motivation

Answer these five questions and give three answers for each one of them.

1) How do you spend your time?

You always make time for what is truly important to you. When you say “I don’t have time” you are simply saying, in your list of priorities, that particular task falls behind some more important ones. Often what we think we want to be doing is not really what is most important to us. If it was, we would figure out a way to do it.

For example: I spend my time mostly studying, training and working on my business. Those are the most important things to me. So how do you spend your time most? Sleeping doesn’t count?

2) How do you spend your money?

Leave aside food, rent and bills (unless you love eating out as a social activity, or you purposely spend more to have an incredibly luxurious house). We use the money we have for what is truly important to us.

I spend most of my money on courses, my business and products for my body. So how do you spend your money most?

find your exercise motivation_23) Where are you most reliable and disciplined?

We never have to be reminded from the outside to do the things that we value most. I never have to be reminded of training, booking my clients and studying. Where are you most reliable and disciplined?

4) What do you think about, visualize and realize most?

I’m not talking negative thoughts or fluffy dreams. Where are your thoughts, goals and ambitions directed? I spend most time thinking of my progress in the gym, the evolution of my business and my relationship. What do you think about most of the time?

5) What do you talk about in social settings?

We always like to talk to people about what is truly important to us. If you had a child you would most likely talk about him/her with most folks you meet. I spend most of time talking about training, business and relationship. What do you talk about the most?

If you gave three answers to each question you should have 15 answers now.

Many of them probably repeat and that’s a good thing. The top three that repeat the most are the things you truly value in life.

If training is not in your top three don’t worry. All you need to do is take a piece of paper and write down 20 to 100 reasons why being fit, feeling strong and confident will make those three aspects of your life better.

Let’s assume you highly value your family, your spouse and your job.

It’s easy to see that feeling energetic, happy and strong will allow you to be a role model for your family, look better naked or in a suit and the list goes on… I personally suggest to write down at least one reason a day in your diary to have the most motivation.

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