This is another great combo weight training exercise routine, but this one could be over in less than 15 minutes, because it involves just one exercise (or is that really five?). Get these workouts done in your spare time at home. Those new to weight training should perform the exercise with a very light weight in order to develop technical proficiency and strength, you could even use a broom stick before progressing to a barbell and discs.

Workout 2

Fitness Outcome:


Estimated calorie burn: 100 Kcal – plus the all year round benefits of increased lean muscle.

Do 4 sets of 3 reps and take 2 minutes recovery between sets.

This is a very draining exercise, so progress slowly and cut down on your reps, or the weight lifted, if you find the going tough.

This Five-in-One move is comprised of the clean, the front squat, two shoulder presses and the back squat. It targets virtually every major muscle in your body and is a superb way to develop, strength, power and lean fat burning muscle.

Start position

Take hold of a barbell using an evenly spaced knuckles on top grip. Stand tall with your feet shoulder width apart, then bend your knees to lower yourself into a three quarter squat position, letting the bar hang down by your shins. Maintain a neutral spine position and look straight ahead. Remember to do this throughout the move.

15 Minute Workouts Pt 2_1.1

Action clean part – for upper and lower legs, back and shoulders

Drive your legs upward whilst keeping your arms extended. When the bar reaches mid-thigh level, push your hips forward and shrug your shoulders and pull on the bar with your arms to bring it to shoulder level. At this point rotate your wrists and bend your knees to ‘catch’ the bar on the front of your shoulders.

15 Minute Workouts Pt 2_1.2

Action front squat part – for upper thigh muscles

Make sure the bar rests across the front of shoulders, in no way should it be in contact with your throat. Keep your elbows up and wrists back. Bend your knees until your thighs reach a position parallel to the floor and push back up.

15 Minute Workouts Pt 2_1.3

Action shoulder press part – for shoulders

Press the bar up over your shoulders. When your arms are almost extended, lower onto the rear of your shoulders.

15 Minute Workouts Pt 2_1.4

Action back squat part – for thighs and butt

As with the front squat bend your knees to a thighs parallel to the ground position, before pushing back up without letting your heels lift from the floor. This squat version places more emphasis on the rear thigh muscles than the front one.

Action – second shoulder press part

Press the bar off of your shoulders using your arms and lower it onto the front of your shoulders before dropping it under control back to shin level to re-commence the move.

Safety tip

Perform the move in front of a squat rack, so that if you do get into trouble, particularly with the bar on your shoulders, you can place it safely back in the rack.


Workout 3

15 minute fitness CV workout

What can you gain CV wise in 15 short minutes? Some would say a good warm up. Well, there is a short blast workout that you can do in a quarter of an hour, it can be tough, but it’s also very effective. It’s a treadmill interval training workout, with hill sections and varied pace running.

Fitness Outcome:


0% resistance

100% CV:  Those with an advanced level of CV fitness could get their heart rate up to near maximum, if they go for it. If you’re new to exercise then don’t do this and instead workout at a comfortable speed. Pace guidelines for all levels in table 1.

Estimated calorie burn: 120-180 Kcal


15 minute fitness CV workout

Treadmill speed and incline- Time remaining

a) 2 minutes on flat warm up – easy pace 13

b) 2 minutes, 4% incline – medium pace 11

c) 1 minute easy pace still on incline, but drop belt speed 10

d) 1 minute, 6% incline – fast pace*  9

e) 1 minute – easy pace on flat  8

f) repeat steps b-e  3

g) 1 minute flat out* 6% incline  2

h) 2 minutes warm down   0

* Those new to CV exercise should perform these intervals at medium pace or even walk if they need to – they should give the workout an overall self perceived rating of 7/10, advanced CV trainers could go as high as 9/10.

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