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Because that’s all it takes! That’s right, just 15 minutes! Get quick fit with two 15 minute gym blasts that’ll boost your fitness rapidly, effectively and efficiently.

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Fifteen minutes might not seem a long time to workout, but by selecting the right type of exercise or exercises you can create a significant fitness boosting effect.

This 15 minute fitness workout features multi-muscle, multi-joint weight training exercises. Muscle is metabolic dynamite. The more you have the leaner you’ll be. Muscle burns up to three times as many calories as other any other body part, all day all year round, that’s why weight training is a great fat burning option. So  don’t think that a quarter of an hour is not enough time for a viable workout.

Give me the low down!

The workout has an estimated calorie expenditure figure attached to it and a guide to the type of fitness (cardio-vascular or strength) that it will develop. It is suitable for all levels, but in some instances, there’s advice as to how it can be made more difficult for advanced trainers or easier for those new to exercise.

First – Warm Up!

Do three minutes of easy cycling and a couple of minutes stretching for all body parts. This will leave about 10 minutes for the meat of your workout.

Workout 1

The secret of a speedy but highly effective weights workout is choosing the right exercises; those that recruit maximum amounts of muscle fibre. And you don’t want to be changing your weights all the time, as this will waste valuable training time. So for my first workout, I’ve selected three multi-joint, multi-muscle moves that are performed with the same weight dumbbells. By combining two exercises into one they’ll give your body a superb one hit workout.

Fitness Outcome: 90% resistance 10% CV

Estimated calorie burn: 80Kcal – but remember the all day, all year round fat burning potential of lean muscle.

Perform: 2 sets of 8 reps of each exercise in the pair. Take 1 minutes rest between sets. If you find the gong tough increase your recovery and cut down on the number of reps or just perform one set.

Select a weight that leads to difficulty completing the last couple of your reps, but not at the expense of good technique.

Dumbbell squat and shoulder press – for upper thighs, back and shoulders

Start position

Stand straight with your feet shoulder width apart. Hold a dumbbell in each hand in line with your sides, thumbs facing forwards.


Bend your knees to squat, aim for a 90-degree angle at the knees. Don’t let your heels come off the floor, maintain the natural curve of your spine (neutral position) and don’t sway backward or forward. Hold for a second, then extend your upper thighs and lift the dumbbells up in front of your body to shoulder height as you stand tall. Try to do this in one smooth movement – your wrists should go from a position above the dumbbells to one below them.

Next, open your arms out so your upper arms attain a position parallel to the ground. Hold for a second and then press the dumbbells up over your head, to perform the shoulder press part of the move. Don’t lock your arms out. Keep looking forward and maintain neutral spine position. Lower the dumbbells under control, first down to shoulder level and then down to your sides to complete one rep.

 15 Minute Workouts Pt 1_2

Lunge and biceps curl – for great upper thighs and upper arms

Start position

Stand tall. Hold the dumbbells in line with your sides, thumbs facing to the front.


Step forward onto your right foot, making sure that you place it flat on the floor.

Don’t let your knee advance past your ankle. Your left leg should be extended behind you to support your weight through your toes. Lower your torso by bending your right leg, aim for a 90-degree angle at the knee joint. Pause for a second and step back to the start position, ready to perform the biceps curl part of the move.

Rotate the dumbbells outward, so they are at right angles to your body (thumbs to the outside), then without swinging or rocking backwards, curl the dumbbells up to shoulder level. Hold for a second and lower them under control down to your sides.

Finally, rotate the dumbbells so that your thumbs face back toward the front ready to perform the next lunge, but this time with a left leg lead.

These three movements make up one rep.

Calf raise and lateral raise – for great calf muscles and side of shoulder muscles

Start position

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart with the dumbbells hanging down by your sides, thumbs facing forwards.


Lift yourself into the air by extending your ankles, then lower under control to complete the calf raise part of the exercise. To perform the lateral raise, step your feet just beyond shoulder width apart. Lift the dumbbells up and away from your body, to a position parallel to the ground then lower them down to your sides under control. Maintain a slight bend at the elbow joint throughout the move.

Repeat these exercises as indicated above, and transform your body in just 15 minutes a day!

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