I became a fitness business owner and fitness trainer because of my passion for being healthy and fit. These exercises will get you excited about working out the gym! Whether you need to get inspired again or are diving into working out for the first time, these exercises will get you fat-burning in no time.


Explosive movements and my drive for results are utilized with plyometric moves. Push ups, tuck jumps, or any bounding movement that burns plentry calories and fat.  I like many kids did plyometrics before I knew what it is.  It is fun and productive, and will give you the fat loss results you’re looking for, among other improvements.



Timed fun–another way to do more in less time. Another exercise we did as kids without knowing what it is and what it does.  Intervals burn fat and calories, improve the way your heart functions (strengthening) and are FUN. The great thing about intervals is that you can change your intervals; 20 second sprint and 40 seconds rest, 30 second sprint and 30 second rest and many other times.

Make sure you are not taking more time than you need to recover before doing another set of intervals.  I believe every functionally able person should do this multiple times each month.  Especially for the sake of using this exercise.


We are likely to be able to do more when we have family, friends and/or competitors to challenge us in some way.  Who is fastest, strongest, who can hold a plank longer and many other challenges can make you workout more interesting.


Fat loss exercises_2

Lift heavier than you may be at this point for 5-8 reps, women too.  To this if you are not already for 3-4 weeks.  Go to doing more repetitions but still lifting as heavy as you can.

Decrease more fat and calories without being bored or boring.  Add resistance to your bodyweight workouts, in the pool and other ways, getting a knowledgeable trainer and/or coach to spot/help you as needed.


Love this challenge.  Try to do different things to improve and challenge your balance.  You do not have to move much, depending on what you are using.  You do not need much, if any equipment improve or challenge your balance.

Depending on how often you incorporate balance workouts into what you are doing and how different your workout is each time, you should feel and see a difference. You’ll achieve improvements in your performance, how you feel and what you are able to do in everyday life and not just the gym.

If any of this seems foreign to you and/or you want more, I offer 1 on 1, group, online training and nutrition.  Online workouts and daily nutrition are sent to your email month to month  Programs by appointment ONLY.

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