There are times when we have busy days with work and/or family commitments and so it can be difficult to fit a workout in. Your workouts don’t need to be 1 hour long to be a ‘good’ workout.

The intensity of your workout is the key if you are short on time to get an effective fat burning workout routine. If you are short on time, you can create quick fat burning workout routines, which won’t take up too much of your time allowing you to still get on with your busy day.

Here are some fat burning workout routines you can do when you’re time is limited.


Workout 1

This fat burning workout routine takes the form of a descending circuit. It involves 6 exercises; press ups, reverse lunges, lying supermans, inverted shoulder presses (feet on floor), squats and plank rotations. Perform 10 repetitions of each exercise, then 8 repetitions, 6, 4 and 2 repetitions of each exercise to finish.

Workout 2

This workout involves a pyramid of exercises. Each exercise is performed for 15 seconds and the rest periods are also 15 seconds.

– Round 1 – star jumps 15s
– rest 15s
– Round 2 – star jumps 15s, burpees 15s
– rest 15s
– Round 3 – star jumps 15s, burpees 15s, mountain climbers 15s
– rest 15s- Round 4 – star jumps 15s, burpees 15s, mountain climbers 15sRound 5 – star jumps 15s, burpees 15sRound 6 – star jumps 15s

5 quick fat burning workouts1

Workout 3

This fat burning workout routine involves 2 exercises performed back to back with the repetitions of one decreasing and the repetitions of the other increasing.
10 bent over rows/1 kettlebell swing, 9 bent over rows/2 kettlebell swings and so on until 1 bent over row/ 10 kettlebell swings. The idea here is to rest as little as possible to maintain the intensity.

Workout 4

Set a timer for a working period of 3 minutes with a 1 minute rest period for 4 times. Perform 5 repetitions of the following exercises;  ice skaters (each side), squat jumps, press ups,  hip bridge lifts and plank to down downward dog to plank (performed on hands). Complete as many rounds as you can in the 3 minutes then rest for 1 minute and repeat for a further 3 times.

Workout 5

Set up a rowing machine for 12 intervals of 1 minute. Perform 1 minute rowing at a comfortable pace with an effort of 5/10, then row for 1 minute with an effort of 8/10. Continue to alternate between these different intervals until the 12 intervals are up.

These fat burning workout routines are designed to be quick so that they fit into your busy schedule. Ensure that you warm up prior to your workout and stretch after that to maximise the effects of your routine.

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